Zlatan shoves his own teammate out of the wall!

Susannah and Keel talk about everything Rivalry related, from Zlatan’s magic, to Vela’s anger, and New York being Blue. Check back every Wednesday for more This Week in MLS.

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  1. Dude what’s up with these cringe-ass hosts, this was so awkward and not only that but they sounded like they didn’t know anything they were talking about, y’all need to hire some new hosts

  2. I feel like the MLS is hardcore marketing all the wrong games. They made another New York team and forced a rivalry down our throats. Now the make another LA team and force that rivalry down our throats. I don't mind them, but why can't you also cover San Jose vs the Galaxy, or Seattle vs Portland, or Montreal vs Toronto

  3. they would be diction why Zlatan shove one of his player out of the wall in around Europe media talkzlatan his pushing one of teammate out of this wall even if the goal was scored or not either Europe media  would talk about non-stopped

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