You're Cleaning Your Penis Wrong

Did you know that, pop?

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  1. Something my father taught us boys before puberty, and my mother when I was an infant. Today, my bride of 27 yrs does it to her satisfaction, and mine ;))). Can't ever get enough of the delicate touch of her female fingers.

  2. wow im glad youtube recommended this! As a teenage female i most definitely needed to know that i was washing my penis wrong and hpw i should wash it properly from now on

  3. But what if you are in the shower and you try pulling your foreskin back but you cant cuz your hands are to wet and slippery? And also what if you get a BONER trying to clean your PEPE

  4. Okay. So I was masturbating and I ran I out if lotion so I went to the bathroom to find anything I could use as lube. I used shampoo. I've already taken care of the shampoo that went inside my tip but for the last 2 days I have experienced itchiness around my groin and my penis has become shriveled and splotchy. I tried washing it and it took care of the itching but didn't stop the tiny spots on my penis. It feels like lizard skin. I am gonna avoid masturbating for a few days. Can anyone help me so my penis can be smooth again?

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