You Ended It With Me By Text | Eating With My Ex: Jamie Campbell & Chad

West End musical inspiration and drag artist Jamie Campbell dumped his teenage sweetheart Chad – also a drag artist – over text. Will Chad be able to forgive and forget?

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  1. Girls this was not a great representation of mine and Chad's relationship. The fact is we were together a VERY long time ago and quite frankly neither of us are really that bothered. We've since gone off to do our own things and that's completely fine. People move on. AS FOR THE WIG! Now that's something that is UNFORGIVABLE!!! I'll be honest, I was very underprepared for filming and really wasn't feeling myself that day. I didn't pack wig glue and it was very hot under the lights. I had to remove my wig to put the mic to my head. I knew it was slipping back the whole time and was mortified. It was actually filming this that made me realise I really needed to stop doing drag unless I have dedication for the craft. So anyway that's my two sense on this all these years later. People do all sorts of things for a pay-check haha. It's all fun though. Lots of love xxxxx Oh and please follow me on insta @jamieandfifi and Chad @ggabore

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