Ya ever just want to cuddle?

Recently I haven’t really wanted to fuck a guy.. Still horny on my own, but when I hookup I just want to spoon him and never initiate anything. Just lay there holding him close with only our underwear between us and slowly fall sleep.

Hooked up with this absolutely sexy boy who had what I would consider a perfect ass. Not exaggerating. Literally perfect in every way. And I just wanted to cuddle with him. Nothing else. And it was probably the most enjoyable experience I’ve had with a guy.

Maybe I just prefer a long-term relationship, but hah, no one wants that. Especially my (college) aged. Ah well.


  1. Omg I love a good cuddle. I’m a very touchy-feely kinda guy so I love hugs, and especially cuddles. And there is nothing like cuddling with another man.

    And I agree so many guys don’t want a relationship. I just want to date one person.

  2. Cuddles are super nice! Especially on a warm night just laying there in undies no means of sex and just letting things flow. I always want to cuddle

  3. Uhh, hi! Where the fuck are all of you hiding? Cuz I’m not fucking finding any of you sexy time cuddlers!

  4. It happened to me with three dudes in my past. They wanted just cuddle. I thought I somehow turned them off. I never understood it until years later; sometimes we girls just wanna chill and not fuck or suck.

  5. I’ve been single for a long time due to outside factors.

    I think the most intense urge that I have is for intimate sex-cuddling. It’s a little off topic, but just being in bed, spooning and being too lazy to go douche or anything, but just taking our time. Grinding, making out, jerking off together, hand stuff, etc. Just being intimate and pleasing eachother, not smashing, just touching eachother.

    I just want to be the little spoon with a guy I care about, have him kiss my neck, reach into my boxers and let me feel his cock move against my ass and between my thighs while he goes to work. Then blow him, make out and fall asleep with him.

    I miss that as much as getting fucked.

  6. Currently have one cuddle buddy. But that turns in to sex after five minutes. Lol. Very sweet and wants to make sure I’m happy. We work well together cause I’m the same way, partners pleasure comes before mine. But we have a lot of fun

  7. I was talking to a guy and he asked me what I wanted to do and I was like cuddle lol. I want a big spoon lol.

  8. This is what I want more than anything:/ me and my guy cuddling. I’d feel safe and protected and I want my top to know he’s the biggest support ever. Nothing could hurt us in that moment. It’s more power than sex… fuck I’m a hopeless romantic I swear lol

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