1. Being told right away is better. But come on, how many times have you told someone you are not interested instead of ghosting them?

  2. Then make your profile picture your face. Sure, people have room to be more sensitive and just say what they think. But, if you are on Grindr without a face pic, that’s really on you.

  3. I started blocking people after I had a few freak out who said I was leading them on. Apparently casual chatting with no exchange of nudes or flirting and then telling them I’m not interested when they ask to hang out is leading them on? So after that I just started blocking.

  4. six of one, half dozen of the other. Truthfully, I’d prefer honesty and no ghosting/blocking in general. I think the former is cowardly and the latter is better than just ignoring you.

  5. In theory, it’s better if someone tells me up front that he’s not interested.

    I understand why people don’t do that, though. I had one guy who kept pestering me on Scruff, even though I never gave him any encouragement. I replied to every question with one-word answers, always a day or two later, and I never asked him any questions in return. I gave the bare minimum of politeness but nothing more than that. Most people get the hint, but he didn’t. After about a week of this, he finally asked me if I wanted to meet up. I said no thanks. He exploded and accused me of leading him on and all sorts of other random stuff. I copped screenfuls of abuse from him until I had to block him just to make it stop.

    If that’s what you get when you say “not interested”, I understand why people won’t do it.

    He’s the exception. There was one other guy who said in his profile something like: if you’re not interested in me just tell me “You’re not really my type.” When he sent me a message, I quoted his exact words back to him (with a smiley face). He LOL’ed in response.

    But it doesn’t always work like that. You don’t know who’s going to turn into crazy guy when you say no, so it’s easier just to block them.

  6. If I tell someone I not interested and want to stop talking to them, they feel very offended and demand I explain why which leads to having to talk even more to them which is exactly what I don’t want to do.

    Blocking/ghosting is rude, to be sure, but the alternative doesn’t actually work in my experience.

  7. I prefer to be rejected in chat. There is a kind way to do it, but it very much relies on the generosity of the person being approached.

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