World War II in HD: Battle of the Bulge | History

Amazing color footage from the Battle of the Bulge. Shop WWII in HD today!

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  1. Old Henry up the street. He's died now I picked him up from hospital have him a ride home. He gave me ten dollars for gas. I tired to give it back he wouldn't take it. Henry was there in 1944 fighting the Germans. I was told by his close friend to not mention the Germans. He truly hated them. He had a MG 42 that was stolen out of his house. He wanted to find the thief and kill him. God bless good old Henry.

  2. Don't blame this all on Hitler Germany made Hitler they voted him in in a majority he won his Chancellor he was evil and a demon of the Germans and many of the Europeans and don't forget about those bloody Japanese and their 40 million Chinese victims

  3. Germans found that the US Army often carried out its field operation in rigid manner which favored Germans in many cases. Ltn. Moll of German 18th Volksgrenadier Div described it in this way: "Our strength constantly declined but despite the enemy's material superiority he was not able to accomplish more than limited local successes. This was mainly because enemy fought his battle in most schematic manner. Enemy never attacked before 9 am and "went to sleep" at 17 pm."

  4. Leave it to our government to send in our boys in sub standard clothing , equipment, and communications and lie to them about how great our tanks were…. kinda sounds like how they lie to us now.. Benghazi was about a video, the gun running obama did, deleted emails. List goes on and on… Thank you veterans and and all those who serving now…. and if you lost a loved one. My prayers to you.. it’s not the government that makes this country great. It’s the people. Peace all

  5. Uh somebody did explain to Ike and monty that objective was to defeat Germany? The way this situation was handled I thought maybe they required a refresher course. Clowns with stars can end up causing unfortunate events.

  6. Its kinda ironic that the US army that had an unchallenged logistics system in 1944 failed miserably to supply winter clothing to their men on the fron,t yet the Germans grinded down and lacking everythign possible at this stage were able to supply camouflaged winter suits for their men…

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