Windshield Washer Fluid Not Coming Out? System Diagnosis

This video covers basic Windshield Washer System Operation, Dignosis if the windshield washer is not working and repair.
How to Fix Windshield Washer System: How to fix clogged nozzles, and how to replace bad windshield washer pump.

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  1. Problem in my case is that the rear spray is working and the front one is not. I can hear the sound of the pump, but it could be that the sound I here is the one for the rear pump functioning. So I shouldn’t fully rely on the sound, instead check with a multimeter, right? Thanks for the amazing content

  2. I have a 99 CR-V, the rear washer seems to be fine, but there is no sound when I try to use the front washer. Probably just the pump then? If it was the fuse or any kind of relay, neither would be working?
    Thanks for this video btw. Its very helpful, I have a better understanding for what I am looking for.

  3. Thank you very much for simple and every detail cover in shortest time . But in my case i have Nissan sunny which is worst car ever, every next month something gets defected. Its tank inside bottm like the you show in picture. There is NO fuse for water motor & its impossible for me to check motor. 😥

  4. Hey, really nice video. I was concerned when I bought my first car and I didn’t get any window washer fluid. I tried to ignore it for as long as possible. Until I was driving one afternoon and the sun was going down. I took a turn and my whole windshield was covered in dirt I hadn’t ever noticed. It almost caused me to run off the road. My right front and back tires were completely off the road at one point. So I had to stop and wait for the sun to go down a bit. So thank you for the video, you may not know it but more that likely there’s been a few people in my same situation that watched this and going to fix it this way. So once again, thanks from me and everyone in my situation.

  5. I'm having this problem with my Nissan versa. Tank is filled, nothing comes out. Thanks for the educational video. As woman with zero clue about cars, I learned something. Gonna check it out when I can.

  6. I have a 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe. It has front and rear wipers and washers. The wipers work in all modes, and the rear will get fluid but the front will not. The dealer says there is only one pump. I do not hear the pump running when I attempt to wash the front window. I checked all the fuses and they're all good. Any advice? Coincidentally, my fuel door release button also stopped working.

  7. I have 98 GMC 1500 Savana. I am getting a very low voltage at the pump connector around 1.5v to 2.0v when i turn on the spray button. What could be my problem ? Fuse is OK.

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