Will Smith Family Skeletons That are Out of the Closet

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Will Smith is the male equivalent of America’s sweetheart. Even when his projects aren’t that successful, you still root for him. He’s charismatic. He’s talented. He’s handsome. He has a beautiful wife and kids…and, uh, yeah, about that last part? It’s weird. That whole thing is weird…

Open marriage? | 0:22
The “Bearding” | 1:05
The alleged split | 1:37
Secret Scientology | 2:09

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  1. Will and his wife gave their kids too much freedom. No rules and they busy acting in movies. Now the kids are older and it hard to start regulating.

  2. After Willow chose a double relationship with both man and women I questioned the whole family. I was bought into the faith & motivational speeches of will Smith. I feel lied to. How can you be so blessed and not know there is a God. Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton were some of the smartest men on the planet, also very blessed and with fully funded lives and even they believed in God. I feel bad for the lost souls that deny their Creator. Not even satan or his demons denied God. How scary that is for them for the coming time, which is near.

  3. You're kidding right? You honestly don't know the difference between Tichina Arnold and Tisha Campbell-Martin?… Really???… As long as BOTH of them have been actresses!?!… I'm done with your channel. I know for sure now, that it's all b.s.

  4. Stop it all yall who call them gay because yall not as successful as them yall wish to have money and fame like them but first stop hatin. Who wants to sit around and hate on people who are famous like bruh stop yall all broke and sad watching famous people wishin yall was them but yall not so sit down

  5. People always laughed at me when I said 2+2=5. Well now who's laughing? Seriously I don't know. I can't hear the other people commenting. I can only read their texts. Is that normal?

  6. 1:14 Will smith has a very good taste in man! 
    2:11 if both are gay and they probably are they chose to reproduce anyway and they have a beautiful family
    2:35 he always steals famous quotes to pretend to be wise, but this one is stupid.

  7. He's not a scientologist. He's a Mason. Scientology has foundations in Masonry. Hence why people can equate the symmetry between After Earth being a film based on Scientology, as oppose to the Masonic messages in it.

  8. "2 and 2 is gonna be whatever I want it to be!" As long as he's acting and not an engineer, (or doing anything of objective value) I dont give a crap.

  9. On The Red Table they explicitly denied the rumors of being swingers and scientologists. Also, scientology concepts are similar to psychology concepts, so I don't see why it's such a big deal to have things in common.

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