1. Nothing shows how morally corrupt conservative Christians and Muslims are than the arguments they make against homosexuals.

  2. So Perkins, Brown, etc., support the 'Kill the Gays' bill. They spread falsehoods about LGBT people (such as gays = pedophiles). They blame the SPLC for a single, isolated incident (where no one was killed), but don't see the utter hypocrisy when a gay kid commits suicide or a gay person is murdered for solely his/her sexual orientation. They fund junk science studies that have questionable funding, conclusions, and pathways to print. And they wonder why they are called a hate group?

  3. Jesus Christ is Lord. I pray every man and woman stop, and think about the goodness of God showed toward them on the cross. Turn from all their sin, and walk in faith and obedience towards Christ Jesus.

  4. He seems to of missed the part of the bill which states repeat offenders of homosexual acts also get the death penalty.
    What an idiot.

  5. This guy is OBSESSED with gay people! He talks more about gay people than I do and I am gay. Tony..Tony..Tony let go of the internal homophobia and come out of the closet! Life is too short to live a lie…..

  6. The Ugandan "legal" system has exactly the kind of "biblical" penalty system Perkins wants in the US. It's a calculated attempt to express the "wishes" of his invisible genocidal zombie monster. Idiot? Naw. Just another mentally ill bigot with imaginary "demons" flying around his head.

  7. Has he read the bill. Does he realize that any "repeat offender" who simply advocates equal rights for homosexuals could spend years in prison and potentially face the death penalty.

  8. I cannot agree fully with your comment except in the context of the Abrahamic religions. The Sikh faith, for example, is very much in the news these days, and I would encourage every person reading this comment to educate him or herself on the Sikh faith. You get a thumbs up nonetheless.

  9. cont.
    Now that I've shown you how shitty this "wonderful" bill really is, I have a question for you, Suspensefulwriter: Do you really care enough to oppose this awful law and stand up for the rights of your fellow human beings?!

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