Whitney’s COMING OUT In Kentucky Story!

Whitney’s COMING OUT In Kentucky Story!
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After years of being asked to film my coming out story, I have finally done it! Here is my experience of coming out in the South, Kentucky to be exact! It was hard for me to film and I was very nervous (& I still am!) so I hope that this helps some of you struggling to come out, especially if you’re in the South!

Whitney X

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Wegan X

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  1. I am a Christian and gay as well here in Oklahoma. it is getting better even in small towns Bible belt. It is a shame that so called Christian are 'speaking " for God. a God of love is being painted as a God of Hate..oh yeah ur accent is changing LOL

  2. So proud of your strength and conviction to live your life. Don't try to figure out your acquaintances who are mean. Good also that you are living in the UK. Stay there with your sweet life with lovely wife.
    You are very articulate.

  3. My bf knew Kim Davis' son. She was just as much of a nutcase with their high school band program as she is today. I'm glad Kentucky has opened their eyes and are becoming accepting of love as it is, between anyone <3.

  4. Thank you for sharing! As a lesbian from Texas I can relate to a lot of your story. Luckily I came out in college so I had a more liberal group of friends who became my support system when everything else went to shit. My girlfriend and I can’t wait to just get out of Texas.

  5. I'm a British heterosexual Atheist male, I've seen a few of your video's and you both come across as kind caring people, that are deeply in love with each other. So if old childhood friends can't accept you because of a stupid bloody religion that condones the rape of women and slavery, and also believes in a talking snake and donkey, i think you're better off leaving them behind in there ignorance. I hope you will both be together until the end and you are still as much i love in 50 years time as you are today.

  6. You're so strong for sharing your story with us, Whitney. I grew up in this same kind of environment in FL and remember the same feelings and the situations you are talking about. That was my experience, too. I moved to DC when I could and also assumed the mindset I grew up with would remain that way forever, but I have been happily wrong recently when I've revisited. Still, it's sad I (and you) didn't get to experience a more accepting community in our hometowns when we were young and needed it. I'm glad things are changing for the next ones, though, and I'm glad your life has turned out as beautiful as you hoped. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Hello Hun I just wanted to swing by to let you know I love your videos keep them coming :)!
    This store will help a lot of people come out to there family and friends ! No matter how hard the situation we will always get through it together !
    As long as we have each other it's more then enough!
    You and your wife are amazing people and don't let no one else tell you all diff stay positiva and keep you all head held high kisses from the other side 😘

  8. I was SOOO lucky. I live in Eastern Kentucky and came out when I was 14. It was really easy. Not easy for Kentucky, but easy for anywhere. My family was completely supportive, as were my friends. There definitely are some bigoted idiots here, no doubt, but there are also wonderful human beings.

  9. I just don't really understand, I have watched several coming out videos and there seems to be a common thread in each one. I am not trying to be judgemental or rude but this is something that I don't get, why is it that if being gay/lesbian is not a choice and something that you are born with and supposedly "natural" then why do these people feel bad,embarrassed, ashamed, and scared to "come out"? I put " come out" in quotes as well because if its natural then why is there a need to even "come out"? I don't feel the need as heterosexual to " come out". And as such I don't feel the same as most of the Lgbt community does. I just don't understand why?

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