1. Im MUSLIM , and im not rap*ng any children , ive heard and read/watch news about caucasian rap*ng children especially in SEA but i didnt call them CHRISTIANS etc , i call them SH*T ..

  2. you all do know they are actors right ? its fake, she is a pornostar not a girl just walking on the street. personally i dont mix outside my own race, i know this is just acting but i also know most people are racist behind the smile.

  3. he wanted to show you that most, but not all, treat asian like crap (in other words like a peace of meat, or even worst treat them with no respect what so ever, like the video you watched, about the korean girl, as well as the video above, but hey it's your life, if you like white guys it's your choice

  4. You're the hateful bitch. You're the one who believe in white supremacy and you're the one going around saying" look at me I am married to a white guy". BTW you're ugly as hell and no Asian man would you bitch.

  5. This furthers my point that Asian woman need to see how brainwashed whites have made them, making them to believe that white is better, getting involved with them for social acceptancance, respectalbilty.. all the while they treat them like concubine, It is 2013 and this ignorant guy is calling her "Oriental" that is a rug! and quoting Confucious with disrespect? As beautiful as she is I was disappointed and angry she allowed it, self hate for herself, it was very sad to witness.

  6. So this Asian chick got racism from a fuckhead therefore she is self hating? How did that happen. Though, if I was her I would tell him to pick up a white chick; but he can't because all the white chicks thinks he's a fukin loser- so to make himself feel better he has to pick on some ethnics and get racial. Lmao. What scum.

  7. I'm with you on any type of degradation towards women in general, but as a lily white dude divorced from an African-American chick, I actually stereotype Asian women as prudes…or unresponsive to my clumsy overtures. Maybe prude is the wrong word…maybe unconcerned with my attention is better. I'm not sure MOST is the adjective you want to use…if we're talking about a broader definition of white man, ie, further East than the West coast. w/e…fuck pigs of any skin color…and of any sex…

  8. That's a crock of bullshit. You can't just generalize people into categories like that, there are so many different people out there and it makes you just as bad as this tool bag in the video to say that. Ignorance is the enemy here, so stop being ignorant.

  9. *sigh* an Asian woman stile me from white women..oh well Im not complaining I got me a woman..well she got me she asked me out not the other way around I was oblivious at first. Side note the guys in the video lack manners but then again I have a strange feeling this is an interview prior to an ammature porno.

  10. Wrong title for what's in the vid, if I was with a Asian women I would treat her with love and respect. Theirs small and tall in all nationalities, some of these comments. Really, anyways this is a fake scripted porn vid or w/e

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