Whistler: Activities & Attractions (Gay Travel Video)

My boyfriend and I joined hundreds of other gay men for Pride in Whistler, BC which you’ll see in this video along with everything else that we saw and did during our trip! Links are below and SUBSCRIBE if you’re new to see next week’s video from our next destination!

Every week I either feature the hotels and restaurants that we went to in a new gay-friendly destination or the activities and attractions that we saw/did – to help you plan your trip! See the previous destinations at

Featured in this video:
Superfly Ziplines:
Snowmobiling Tours:
Whistler Blackcomb Mountains: ttps://www.whistlerblackcomb.com
Whistler Pride:

Thanks to Tourism Whistler for helping to coordinate our trip!

Everything in this video was shot on my iPhone 8 Plus! I’m a #TeamTelus Advocate so they’ve got me covered with great gear and plans to document my travels and stay connected when I’m on the go!

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  1. What an incredible trip. Sounds like the perfect date-weekend… hahahah I say that like it's a possibility. Sammy and I have not been on a date since our first born, nearly 7 years ago. hahahahahah

  2. Dayum!!! That looked absolutely amazing and gorgeous! I'd like to see the same place at summertime…bet it looks totally different!
    BTW: click analyze, because your new frames need it πŸ˜€
    Thank you so much for this amazing video!
    Btw2: I guess you didn't think of getting the guy's phonenumber for me (@ 1:33…the one stacking up his plate)??
    Btw3: You got to see Margaret Cho??? WTactualF? I LOOOOVVVEEEE her!! I'm not jealous of you, I'm not jealous of you, I'm not jealous of you!

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