Which Body Piercings Do Guys Think Are Hot? Or Not? | Cosmopolitan

So what do guys really think about body piercings? Be sure to write what you think in the comments!

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  1. I have one side of my nose pierced . I don't care what people think about it because I ultimately got it done for myself and I think I'm beautiful with it. However, it does kinda matter to me if guys say they won't date girls with facial piercings. I mean, if someone says that they probably aren't worth dating anyway but.. I don't want to miss out just cause I did something for myself either. It's frustrating.

  2. Most of the people here are missing the point… It's not what "men think" because they want to control you. In general, they couldn't care less! But, in this video, they are telling you what they find attractive. It's sexual selection and we all know that flows both ways.

    On this same train of thought, you might not be attracted to men having a piercing through his penis, nipples, or nose (or any other factors besides piercings). They, too, are beholden to what women think!!!

  3. He's asking all younger guys..and facial/ body piercings and tattoos are common to them..its the norm. Honestly its a fad, which most people will grow out of the next 10 or 20 years. I honestly feel that if you have pierce or tattoo yourself all over just to fit in then you're more insecure than you realize. Having tats and piercings doesn't necessarily scream "individuality" anymore like it use to.

  4. The only piercings I have rn are on my ears, I have 6 ear piercings in total. When I was dating my boyfriend didn't seem to mind them… lol except for that one time when he laid a smooch on my ear and ended up clanging his teeth against a labret haha.

  5. guys it's just a video and the guys are just expressing their opinions. they aren't even being assholes about it. like yeah do whatever you want but the title of the video exactly tells you what it's going to be about so why all the hate

  6. So many people getting offended, they didn't say that women get piercings for men's approval. They're saying whether they find it attractive or not. A guy can do whatever he wants to his body, I don't care, but not everything he does will I find attractive. I have piercings and I did it because I like it, but I understand it's not everyone's cup of tea and I respect that, as I hope they respect my decision to get it done in the first place

  7. yes because I paid for 8 piercings for everyone else not my self not that I wanted them or anything nope.. I DID IT it for the rest of the world to find me more/less attractive yeah…toatlly

  8. if women don't care what men think, the why do they blame men for the ridiculously high standards of beauty that we see today. of women don't care about men's opinions on looks then who is slut shaming and fat shaming woman

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