Where in the world can you wear Brazilian bikinis?

Ever felt out of place in your cheeky bikini? Here’s a worldwide Brazilian bikini guide you might want to watch before packing your bikinis for a trip!


  1. I remember when I used to live in California… We were hanging out in the college pool and somebody (probably some jealous bitch) called the cops on my friends because of their bikinis… We were asked to leave the place.

  2. Sou brasileira e amo os biquínis daqui, são lindos, estilosos, valorizam a silhueta. Com todo o respeito aos biquínis das estrangeiras, mas alguns são tão grandes e largos que parecem uns sacos com papos.

  3. interesting how people are meant to be sensitive to local culture in some countries and not other countries. No bikini in muslim countries but the niqab is meant to be accepted in non muslim countries

  4. This is so stupid. I had my first t back bikini in 1983. Cheeky bikinis are everywhere in Florida. If you haven’t seen them you are at the beach used mostly by retirees or families with young children.

  5. I don't know why American girls don't realize that they're typical over-sized diaper butt bikinis LOOK AWFUL. Stop being damn prudes and wear cheeky bottoms or thongs. You will look MUCH better.

  6. Cheeky bikinis are more common throughout the world nowadays. You can see South American, European and Russian girls wear thong bikini in almost every tourist spot around the world. In every Muslim country other than Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia, there are private places for foreign tourists.

  7. yea, respect the islamic countries, because they are so tolerant with none Muslims, that stupid culture deserves no respect, they should instead respect their own women and treat them better, those biggots

  8. I noticed many people get shocked when I used my bikini in some places of EUA and Europe, so I got it was a cultural thing and got for a more conservative, pin up style bikini.

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