When Straight Girls Go to a Gay Club…

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  1. I hate when I go to a club that majority is gay men and straight women. Ima lezbian and love women when I find out that they are there with their butch friend or gay male friend it's annoying . More lezbian women need to hit up clubs .

  2. As a fujoshi, ( girl that love & support gay relationship ) I would like to go with my gay friend hehe! I should drag him to go ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    I'll prepare my camera tho.
    OK. I DECIDED! 😂

  3. alot of butthurted girls in the comments , i am not Gay but i am Neither Straight i only love myself , girls think that gays like them and like to have time with them they don't

  4. If you're straight and go to a gay club, it's fine if you're there with a gay friend, but you can fuck off if you're there to flirt with the opposite sex. A gay guy doesn't want a straight female to flirt with him. Same goes with guys hitting on gay women.

  5. OMG! I want to show this to everyone, it's so dead on!!!!

    I've gone to straight clubs to dance and have fun with friends but there are always guys trying to prove they are more of a man than I, to their women. I'm sick of the fights. Therefore, I've given up and gone to gay clubs to dance and it's so much better. So I've seen this, a woman want to be hit on by guys and they get mean and rude and it's funny to watch because they show their true colors … which is not pretty.

  6. One time at a gay club i seen an obvious straight girl and she shuffled right through the dance floor with a grossed out expression and her arms in front of her chest (seriously) so i smacked her ass really hard. Her face was hilarious. thinking back on it it is a tad rapey (oops!) but really you're gonna come here and act all grossed out. GTFO. 

  7. I'm a bi girl that goes to the gay club cause its "mostly" lgbt and I try to talk to other girls but all they are are straight or taken. Even straight couples!! And then there are old.straight men that are like "I hope you're not like one of these other lesbians!"
    Get the f— away from me!! I just wanna dance and try to look for the non straight girls! Gr!!! Lol

  8. It's not just straight girls. It's straight boys. When I go to a gay club with my girlfriend and/or friends I do not want rowdy pervy arrogant men there, showing off and hitting on girls who are infact lesbians. Why can't you stay in the straight clubs? There's tons more of them compared to gay clubs. But no, straight girls and guys have to take over, cos there isn't enough straightness in this world for them. I want a place where I feel comfortable knowing that I can kiss my girlfriend without a straight guy watching us. I hate it.

  9. I'm Bi, but lean more towards guys, (I'm also a girl) and I would go to a gay club just to see the gays. I think it's the cutest thing when guys are hugging and one is kinda short and the other is really tall….. Anyway, Im still a virgin and have never been to a club, mainly cause I'm still in high school. So I don't really know what I would do at a club….

  10.  Sometimes your video sounds a little "heterophobic", being proud of being gay don't mean to be allowed of bullying straight people, I say that because I have seen many of your vids today and always the same story gay people are soooo better than straight one, I'm gay, I'm a human being not better and not worse than an heterosexual human being. And   I never seen a straight women acting like that in any gay bar or clubs

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