What If Allen Iverson Played in Today’s NBA?

How Would Allen Iverson hold up against the best players of today?

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What’s good Youtube, it’s ya main man Bsolz back at it with another video. I’ve seen this throughout social media over the past year so much, and I’m not going to lie, I’ve probably been apart of this culture. We always want the next hot take, we always think we’re spitting out the truth, that we spitting facts and nothin but facts, but numbers do indeed lie, in the sense that they can portrayed in such a way where context is taken out of the equation just to prove a point. Now the crazy the past couple years has been advanced analytics and efficiency. That’s what it’s all about now. Who cares if you scoring if you’re doing it efficiently? That just means you’re shot chucking or not that good. If you ain’t shooting over 45% from the field, you’re an inefficient shot chucker. We have been spoiled by the likes of Stephen Curry, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, guys that operate in the perimeter with all the moves in the world, yet have ridiculous efficiencies. And here’s the thing for the most part I do agree because of the context of the situation. In today’s NBA, where spacing is the best it’s ever been, giving perimeter scorers especially all the room to operate, with zone defenses effectively being non existent because of the emphasis on shooting, in a league without hand checking, with all the advance training and nutrition that’s available to these players, no there’s not a lot of legitimate excuses for you to be an inefficient shot chucker.

But the problem lies in the people that try to extend this criticism past this era. And at face value, you look at these scorers from the early to mid 2000s and they start to look extremely suspect. Kobe’s struggling to average 45% in the playoffs, but apparently he’s a top 3 scorer of all time? Inefficient shot chucker. Tracy McGrady, the man with all the moves and one of the most talented scorers of all time shooting in the low 40s in his quote unquote prime? Overrated, inefficient shot chucker. Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Allen Iverson…. Bruh these guys weren’t as good as people make em out to be. But man this is why we have to put context into the situation.
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    NBA 2K19 Giveaway: https://gleam.io/0w01N/100k-subscriber-giveaway
    Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/bsolz_
    Let's Keep It A Buck: https://audioboom.com/posts/6944254-how-much-should-a-player-s-significance-matter

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  2. The mid 90s to mid 2000s was the best defensive era. Playoff games were hitting 80 points back then. If you had AI on a team with floor spacers and allowed AI to go one on one with anyone with anyone in today's game hed average 35 like Kobe did. back in the 80s and 90s if you were a horrible one on one defender you would get exposed all night. When they introduced the zone man defense where you could hide bad defenders people became incredibly inneficient

  3. Bsolz please get rid of that YouTube story shit. It stays at the top of my subscription thingy and it’s annoying asf. I fuck with your videos but that shits annoying. I’m tryna see niggas who posted not the same story. Idc if you post them but delete em after a day or something cause they don’t disappear. After I view it it says at the top

  4. T-Mac, Kobe, Vince, Ai etc any guard in that 2000-05 era were the most skilled in history, they had the most difficulty to score out of anyone, they were all so brilliant, all of them would be ridiculously good if they played today

  5. so quick to call greats overrated because of career FG percentage? Gtfo . First off 42% is decent….its nearly impossible to have a double digit nba career and make over half of your shots if you not a big man. Second kobe, Pierce, AI and McGrady overrated? they're LEGENDS just because they shot under 45% dont mean they're any less than great . At some point all of these players was the ONLY great offensive force on their team and had to take majority of the shots to have a chance…2001 AI carried one team to the finals. Fuck a stat your impact on the sport matters

  6. Good job on the research. However, AI have to move the ball to different players to open up the defense. Of course he would need a 2nd player who was a threat.
    AI is my favorite player to watch, but he held the ball too long, trying to beat the shoot clock all the time. Passing it to people whose not expecting him to pass it. He has score over 50 points and still lose games.
    If I had to pick a 24 man team, I would pick these PG Chris Paul, Curry, Nash, Magic or Stockton Over him.

  7. Even after the 2001 finals, the team didn't look any different. They might have added C.Webb in, but that didn't made a big impact. He was still surrounded by non shooters, Dikembe left, he still had to do the scoring all by himself throughout those defensive lineups. So he basically shoot alot of midranges and driving through three guys just to not get a foul called Cuz the refs were taught to HATE AI due to his gangsta look. Not to mention, alotta of PPL were influenced by David Stern to HATE AI, yet AI still dominate in that tough era full of hatred and tough defense. So despite the shooting percentage, he would definitely score way better with these new rules of NBA

  8. Westbrook also winds down the clock to force assists, and gets his team to box out for defensive rebounds. If he had the same efficiency but wasn't a stat padder people would like him more.

  9. Ai is like a better Monta Ellis. Undersized SG with low FG%, subpar defense, and need the ball in their hands. As we saw with Monta that type of slashing small combo guard that pulls up for middies is going extinct.

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