What do I do with the deposit..

So my boyfriend and I have been having bareback sex for a while now, though we always pull out and end up as toaster studels. I think next time I bottom for him, I’m going to tell him to stay in and cum inside me. But my question is.. what are you supposed to do next? We usually clean off with a towel and then cuddle for a while. Will it drip out on his bed? I’m not sure what to do!


  1. Sometimes it oozes out, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s a nice feeling having a fresh load from your boyfriend in your hole, either way. If you aren’t already fucking on a towel, I highly recommend it.

  2. Well, depends what you WANT to happen.

    I mean, personally my rule is the guy isn’t allowed to pull out. I want that shit.

    If you want to cuddle, just clench a couple times and then wipe off. Same overall outcome.

    Depending how much you want to keep his load in you, you can also go sit on the toilet and get it out. Or if you are okay waiting, a couple hours later and it’s pretty much gone / absorbed / who knows.

  3. I honestly love bareback, the main purpose of getting fucked in my ass is to get that big, hot, sticky load up my butt… With that being said, I hold it in until I get back home and fart it out while I play with my cock. That is the best part of bottoming besides actually getting your hole pumped to earn the load.

  4. My husband and I both wait until it’s totally absorbed. We don’t like losing any that someone has deposited inside. But you can do whatever you want.

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