What Boys Locker Room Things Would Girls Not Understand?

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  1. Our middle school was small and it had about 1,000 kids,And gym class would only have 6th graders and 8th graders,no 7th graders so it was like a jungle gym in there. Id compare it to the Vietnam war,things were being thrown over lockers,yelling, lockers slamming,6th graders being massacred by muscular 8th grade gorillas by being towel whipped,the usual.And its basically survival for 6th graders,One time Some kid snuck in an axe can(spray deodorants were banned).The kid made an axe bomb with a rubber band,threw it over the locker aisles to the 8th graders,Then the plan backfired and it was thrown back so it was like hot potato,everyone was coughing and wheezing ,while this was all happening the coach was talking to the girls gym teacher.The axe bomb was still going on because it was a full can and also a hole was poked into it so it was just spinning around. It was like a bomb squad trying to defuse it,some kid even threw up,I even stepped up to the plate to try and stop the axe bomb, I wrapped my shirt around my face went up to it and it sprayed in my eyes I tapped out with tears in my eyes, It was kicked around like a soccer ball eventually the thing ran out and you can hear the relief on everybody.Finally the coach came in and we all got in trouble especially the kid who smuggled the axe.The locker room smelled like axe for days This all happened in about 7 minutes, we all came to class drenched in axe.Good times.

  2. I don't know why but for some reason whenever we entered the locker rooms our brains instantly switched to "Monkey Brain" we just did wack shit because my pe period was about 1 hour and 20 minutes long and we always stayed in the locker rooms for about 30 minutes. Once we started a Melee tournament using my pc and like 2 xbox controllers even the two pe teachers we had actually joined.

  3. I love the girl comment: "we just change and talk" THAT LIKE THE ONLY THING WE DO! sometimes we play music. there was a corner my friend group were in and i guess this was the most boy thing we did because there was a small hiding place next to the lockers that we called the "pee corner" it just had stains and gum around it amd we'd make fun of whoever went into it. We also looked at each other's bras only if we were friends though. If uou arent friends thats just weird

  4. Guys locker room: having fun and being buddy friends and stuff
    Me: unable to go into the locker room because i'm so uncomfortable looking at other people naked and having other people look at me so whenever the teacher said "changing time" i would bolt to be first in, hide in a locker til eveyone changed, change myself and sonic speed out ninja style

  5. I guess me and my friends during pe would be like the male locker room but instead, we will start hitting eachother or doing weird crap like sparing horrible perfume in the locker room.. I'm 100% sure..

  6. This one time there was probably pee or melted deodorant on the floor of the locker room for a week no one questioned it and just kept walking in it with there socks on and off

  7. During 8th grade My middle school had the idea that one class would be randomly selected each day to have a 12 minute quiet reading time. Of course, most of the boys didn’t read books/even have books to read, so we’d just sit there staring at nothing because if you talked too many times you’d get sent to detention. One day, gym is selected for boredom time. Most guys are staring at the lockers in boredom while some others have books out. All of a sudden, in the dead silence one of they guys in the middle lets out the loudest and nastiest fart ever heard in that locker room. All of the boys after hearing that immediately begin to scream like orangutans and shake the lockers like cavemen. The coach had no control over us. We were animals.

  8. this one girl in our girls locker room literally sold bras in that gym class, since gym for us was first block and the lockers were barely enough room to fit out shoes she actually made good profit selling damn hood bras for cheap.

    Also in sophomore year we discovered a way to exchange things to and from the boys and girl’s locker rooms. The rooms were back to back and some girls’ backing to her locker came loose, turns out she could remove part of it. We threw so many perfume bombs through that opening lol.

  9. 8:10 yo same but when somebody had beef with someone tho. So I casually go to the bathroom during lunch and I just see two kids fighting and I just casually pee trying to not get hit. Then I just left without washing my hands cause ya know. At that moment a teacher yelled "what's going on in there!" I just casually walked out and told her they were just talking.

  10. One time me and my friend got into a fight so we were throwing each other to the ground and stuff but the teacher caught us and was bringing us to the office so we decided to make up a story that we were “playing WWE” and none of us were hurt in any way.

  11. I was going to the toilet in the locker room and theres this one guy, taking a crap, without the door locked, watchinf rick and morty in his phone while eating a fillet mignon sitting in a toilet bowl.

    Florida is weird/normal

  12. To this day I’m very glad to say I wasn’t considered to be that guy in high school who “was straight” but was always grabbing guys asses and shit like that it was always the sports players who were doing weird shit mostly the guys though

  13. First of all
    You guys have lockers?
    No we need to have our stuff with us and bring it,
    Second there were just 4 to 5 benches.
    And third we snuck other people through and out of the windows. (The front door of the gym locks so people who are late and don't want any penalty just climbed through the high windows)

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