Westgate Superbook pegs Lakers as playoff team | Get Up! | ESPN

Jalen Rose, Mike Greenberg and Ryen Russillo weigh in on the oddsmakers at the Westgate SuperBook in Las Vegas believing in LeBron James to take the Los Angeles Lakers to the playoffs this season. Westgate also pegged the Boston Celtics at 57 ½ wins. (4:03)
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  1. dumb bitch mf LeBron said he wants lance and all of those ppl that are one the lakers..dumb ignorant white trash..and wtf would we sign boogie he wont be the mf same

  2. As a true lakers fan and not a LeBron fan like all these new laker "fans" are, We've missed the playoffs for 6 damn years! don't care about our record as long as we make the playoffs because it's been a miserable time from watching us win 17 games. Just want the playoffs!!!!!!!

  3. EAST:
    1CELTICS: 64-18
    2TORONTO: 61-21
    3PHILLY: 56-26
    4PACERS: 52-30
    5BUCKS: 50-32
    6WIZARDS: 48-34
    7PISTONS :45-37
    8CAVS: 42-40

    1GOLDEN STATE: 63-19
    2HOUSTON: 60-22
    3THUNDER: 54-28
    4TWOLVES: 51-31

  4. I have Boston as the 2nd or 3rd best team in the East. I think they’ll struggle to reintegrate Kyrie and Hayward who have a very distinct skill set based on scoring and Tatum, Brown, and Rozier less willing to defer.

  5. It's like I'm watching fox news do you actually believe what your saying. so this la team would have beaten all of last seasons eastern conference and made the NBA finals are you'll on crack. Is anyone else sick of hearing about LeBron and the Lakers there are other teams in the NBA it's so boring every show the same shit and so blindly biased you'll have no crediabity left. DAM

  6. someone needs to show me the head to head of west teams vs east teams because this weak east thing may be a bit of a exaggeration …im sure at some point last season the east was beating up on the west

  7. ESPN specially like these two twerps with Jalen who in their entire lives never got paid to play Pro Basketball or run/manage a Basketball team are really sleepin on the Lakers hard… They have no idea how good Ingram is and how good he will still become..They will be surprise..

  8. Clarkson, Nance jr, Hood, and Hill were shipped to Cleveland. These same announcers boosted there ego and made them the team to beat GS when they were better off before the trade. Now they wanna talk about our young core in LA and try to compare us to that CLE roster 🖕🤫…

  9. LeBron James put an end to NBA agents that wanted LeBron to wait for 2 weeks before signing with the Lakers.😀😀😀
    Their aim was to get their clients higher salaries in Boston & Philadelphia by saying LeBron might sign with Philadelphia if you sign my client.

  10. unless you have seen laker games before they tanked the last 1/4 of the season, then you cant comment. they are talented and a playoff team, when you add lebron james, the only teams clearly better are the warriors. the west is better than the east but this lakers squad is better than the cavs, who with less talent beat the raptors. utah, wolves, blazers, houston have no one that can stop lebron. factor in hart, Ingram, Kuzma, Stephenson who was a good bench player, mcgee who is athletic and has size, rondo who is a good backup. Svi has size and appears to be a good shooter, KCP who fills a good role and Ball who was solid all around last year. Add them to a top ten player of all time still performing well who has 3 titles, thats more than any team in the west besides the warriors, and you get playoffs. if you dont agree then you have below average or average bball iq.

  11. I fucking HATE the FAKEERS but I have a bad feeling about this. LeBron LONZO ingram and Stephenson are going to smash on the NBA. they might 🏆. Fuck it shit happens. Fuck the FAKEERS respect to LONZO and LEBRON

  12. Why don't people mention Hart when they talk about the Laker's young talent. The Lakers won games when Hart played. Hart has intangibles. Hart won a championship in college as a major contributor. Hart never played scared last year; he deserves a mention among the Lakers' young core.

  13. Cavs at 30.5 is unlikely. The East got weaker when the King left. Lebron's move made Boston, Philly, and Toronto great teams. Then, you have all of the teams like Indiana. There isn't any reason Cleveland can't be somewhere in the 4 – 8 position, at 42 to 45 wins. Lebron's move shook up the East and West. Cleveland obviously would not be roughly the same, as they were with Lebron, with 45 wins this year. Lebron simply made Boston, Philly and Toronto, who he got through, that much better. And that opened up 4 – 8, to be anything.

    Cleveland should win 40 + games.

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