Well happened for first time

Had my first ever hands free cum we with my FWB top the other day.
We met up in the morning I usually shower before hand , an I have been inserting my butt plug with plenty of lube for the ride over.
I get up to his room we lay in bed make out he plays with my plug an my holes for a bit before he asks me to get on top an I hop on an slide him in . ” Raw of course” we switch to me on my back an him at the end of the bed standing an he slides his cock back in me an starts to pound away an then I can just feel him hitting my prostate an I just started cumming with my hands still holding my legs, it felt amazing he looked down a said your cumming an started to pound harder an faster until he was pulsing inside of me an it felt great ….


  1. Good God, you’ve unlocked the next feature for your character. Enjoy.


    Permission to jerk off to this?

  2. I find that this kind of involuntary cumming isn’t as enjoyable. It’s like the cum is just pushed out of you. Would you agree?

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