Weekend in Tagaytay + 1st time in a gay bar

▶︎ Tagaytay for Wawa’s 92nd birthday then straight to a gay bar right after for an early Halloween!

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▶︎ In today’s vlog ◀︎
✭ Leslie’s Tagaytay
– known for their bulalo

✭ Starbucks, Domicillo Design Hotel
– Ugh! Stunning view! Such a good place to write and think! Very quiet too 🙂

✭ Bag of Beans Tagaytay (Main Branch)
– I think there are 3-4 branches in Tagaytay. Each one looks different. My personal favorite is the main branch.

✭ Balay Dako
– You can dine in both the first and second floor
– The second floor makes a great photo op spot with a fantastic view of Taal volcano too!
– They don’t take reservations, so it’s first come, first served

✭ Cafe Voi La
– A little bit of a travel out of central Tagaytay
– Known for their salted caramel cheesecake

✭ My advice for travelling to and within Tagaytay:
– Go at a non-peak season or day (not weekends or holidays)
– Make sure you have a car (ride hailing and public transport is difficult without your own transportation)
– Go with a group! It’s best enjoyed this way!

✭ Nectar Nightclub

✭ People in the video!
– Amaya : @amayaabong
– Cess : @cessdalmas
– Reena : @reenadelro
– Edrei : @edreitan
– Gabby : @gabbygpadilla
– Kat : @katdenyse
– @billieandemmafilm

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• MultiMiel logo – my own handwriting
• End title card backdrop –
• End title card font –
• Camera – iPhone 6s
• Editing software – Final Cut Pro X
• Funny stock music – via Purple Planet

▶︎ About Miel ◀︎
Miel Abong is a Filipino-Spanish actress from Manila, Philippines. Sometimes she writes, coaches, and creates which explains why her channel’s name is MultiMiel. Although Miel thrives on various forms of expression, her one true love will always be acting & performing. She’s got big plans to win an Academy Award for Best Actress one day. But for now, she enjoys creating and sharing whenever she can.

I am currently looking for people who could sub my videos in Spanish, Tagalog, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. Should you be qualified to do so, kindly send an email my way or you can directly sub the video. Please make sure to notify me so I can give you proper credit! Other languages are very much welcome as well! Thank you!

This video was not paid for. I did this for fun 🙂


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