Wearing $5 Clothes From Wish For A Week

I wore discounted $5 clothing from the Wish app for a week! I’ve been dying to try out Wish clothing, since it all seems too good (and too inexpensive) to be true. So I bought 7 full outfits from Wish and wore them to see if it’s a style scam or a fashion fairytale! I hope you guys enjoy the latest addition to my “Internet Haul” series – and hope you enjoy the new intro song!! Hehe.

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Safiya’s Jazz Intro
via Androz Guitar (Fiverr)

The Gang
Uncomfortable Questions
The Sizzler
Gypsy Sailor
Romani Beats
Guilty Pleasures
Take You Away
Bossa Boogie
Romani Reggae
Black Cat In the Sun
Don’t Hold The Feeling
Good Time
Its On You
Got To Intensify
I Want Action
Oohs And Ahhs
Ride It Out
Light On Your Feet
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  1. THE NEW INTRO SONG it's aliiiiive! haha u guys wanted me to use it, so i did! maybe i'll keep using it for these internet hauls, eh? Tune in for one last post-vidcon collab this weekend :). Much love, Saf

  2. Do you seriously not own an iron? You just hang clothes and wish the wrinkles go away?

    Also, it's not hard for skirts, dresses and trousers to fit short on you. You're tall and these things are designed and made in China.

  3. Stupid. Don't buy that cheap stuff. It's being produced in chinese sweat shops that give a shit about labour ethics and working conditions. –> child labour + tons of bullshit s being produced for the dumpster. Very sustainable this lifestyle.

  4. I've never purchased from Wish, but this video makes me think it might work out ok. So I made a first purchase. I guess I'll find out in a month.

  5. And that last dress you had on… so glad I saw this before I bought it. I saw it on Wish a while ago, but it definitely looks like a nightgown and is too short.

  6. I bought I shirt with a kitty cat on it on wish and it was like swimsuit material. I was not excepting that and was disappointed. But it's still cute. I don't usually buy clothes on wish (except that one time). I've bought other things though and been happy, just it takes forever to ship… products mostly come from China. Thanks for your videos. I just recently discovered your channel.

  7. I have the black bralette and I love it. Definitely had some good and some bad from wish.
    So the thing with wish is that everything on there is for a reason. Something as small as a stitch was the wrong color or something as big as, it’s awful material (or not the right product at all). It’s a gamble

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