Watch Out For Pence His Role Model for Vice President Is Dick Cheney

War is imminet
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  1. Seen video of Nancy Schumer trump n pence bout 1st partial gov shutdown pence sat there like zombie stoned did not move his eyes looked blackened n sunk in as he was evil r some shit going on there too creeped me out try.p seems support 5g n 6g n the chip thing don't work for me they never talk bout the shit goin on n sky pushing shots killing babies don't trust none of thrm.i did prefer trump to rest of them never knew much bout none them jus tried get rid Clinton's n Obama's out offices but need start at top.hear tbere r 36 r 38 levels above the president that makes decisions none elected for don't really work for us jus consumes everything evil assholes

  2. I never trusted Pence he always gave me terrible feelings. I usually have good discernment but trump I can't figure out. I don't feel one way or the other about him.

  3. Speaking Pence I heard somewhere that he and Woody Harrelson went to the same school. Woody has a shady background, his dad took out a judge. Goes good with those Spanish sayings???

  4. Pence is not a neocon, Joe. Trump tried to accuse Pence of pedophilia as revenge when Pence stood up for Tillerson. I saw Trump say that. It was then I stopped watching the Whitehouse!

  5. Dick Cheney???? OMG, I thought Pence was trustable! The algorithms get manipulated by Google. VP Pence stook up for Rex Tillerson WHEN TRUMP erroneously fired Tillerson. Joe, consider the source about Pence. Someone who is quiet is attentive. Don't rely on intution based on TV – which you said you haven't watched in 20 years. Indiana had excellent economy when Pence took VP position. Since then, Trumpty Dumpty has been greatly damaging their economy, including ORDERING them to let Canada take control of their public utilities. Pence stood up for Sessions and Tillerson, so don't let Trump pull you in the rabbit hole with his propaganda. 😐

  6. Pence is a Pedo…Trump may have been forced by the DC Pedos to have him as VP….but Trump is the Real Deal and he's doing Everything he's promised to do and more! Dude if you want to get a Clue, start following Q….were about to see the Exposure & Mass Arrests of 63,000 Sealed Indictments & Pence could be one of them…I don't believe Pence will last…get a clue, start following Q and You Tube Reporters…we've been in a Military Operation of Taking Down the Deep State & Yes Trump is going to Bring Down the Federal Reserve and Free us from the Central Banks…follow Q

  7. I've been telling people how the Military used & tested these frequency weapons in Desert Storm…I remember seeing these guys surrendering to our Tank Operators, hugging & kissing them on the cheek…. They've had plenty of time to tweak the hell out of them…. I predict that once they get 5G all over the country, they will amp it up and use it to Suspend the Constitution and bring in the Martial Law & Gun Confiscation they have been wanting for so long…. If people riot, they just ratchet up the "Freaks" and cause peoples skin to feel like it's burning to drive them indoors & off the streets to protest! Makes sense to me…….

  8. Spectrum with no licensing….why not put 8-10 year old kids w/no license behind the wheel and let them drive….makes about as much sense! Actually, it makes more sense to let the kids drive than to nuke the people around the world?

  9. For the first part of the "Heckle & Jeckle" Island story….check this uTube…"Act of 1871-Teach This In your Schools" I've Watched this video 2 or 3 times to get all the info… If you haven't seen it already…get ready to be speechless while watching it!

  10. Dopplegangers look into it folks don't doubt what he's said. It's very true. Doppleganger-? If you dare to know what he means ….look.for yourself….. ( transapocalypsenow)channel , youtube

  11. Pence in his own words is a "Newborn Christian-Catholic", such a thing does only exists in the eyes of an ecumenist (ecumenical movement to unite all religions into one under the Pope).

    And Trump is Jesuit trained, he is part of the NWO. Rothschilds are also Jesuits and bear the title "Guardians of the Vatican Treasure"

  12. Im from Indiana I know all about Pence and who he works for because its not the people. Indiana's Constitution calls out for the common school system and that it will be funded by our tax money and that funding can be increased but never decreased. But thats not how a spineless gutless coward politician sees it just ask Mike Pence who was all for "charter" schools so he can make money off that while helping destroy public school by taking money from their funding and giving it to the Charter Schools, illegally i might add, totally against Indiana's Constitution which Pence swore to uphold but he was lying. Pence isn't an american at all he's an officer of the CORPORATION he works for the Moneychangers aka the real owner's of the fed, the CORPORATION, the swamp, the deep state, the people who blew up the trade towers, the money behind A.L.E.C. the not for profit that wrote the legislation Pence got passed in Indiana that shit all over our Constitution and allowed money to be taken from the common school system. Go check out A.L.E.C. yourself they have page after page of "Model Legislation" so all you need do is elect a spineless, gutless, clueless, pc. of shit traitor politician to office that will sell out the people for 40 pcs of silver and let the ASHKENAZI'S do the rest. They are in every State corrupting our Government from the top to the bottom operating as not for profits to keep their face hidden just like the head of the SNAKE does. Follow the money it all leads to the ROTHSCHILD'S door. But they only get away with the lies theft and murder because were too stupid to see shit for what it is. Theres no reason to think they wouldnt give us the same deal they gave everybody else on the planet so why is it that now its a problem because now its our turn? Is that what it is? Of course we're their slaves we do all the labor we always have. They control us because they control our money which is a value placed on? Our labor. Thats what money is or what it represents thats why you work to pay it back. Think about it. Then think about you borrow the value of your labor that you contribute to build the society we live and pay it back plus interest by working for somebody that's a CON MAN that operates in the shawdows that goes to extremes from realizing the game he plays is all based on fraud and deception and he's willing to lie cheat and steal and murder to protect his secrets indefinitely because that's what parasites do.

    How do you spell BAUER? They spell it ROTHSCHILD, MONSANTO, BAYER, ASHKENAZI FAKE JEWS, ISRAEL, UN AGENDA 2030, FEDERAL RESERVE, BANK OF ENGLAND, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, TERRORISTS, and they call it sustainability and when everybody submits to their rule then the EVIL NAZI will end his reign of TERROR so the GOOD LITTLE NAZI BOY can rule the whole planet and all the people forever and ever. There's no need for you to think MR. BIG has it all planned out for you just accept your fate as slave to the ASHKENAZI FAKE JEWS and you will be paid your universal basic income/slave wages. MR. BIG is going to take really good care of you isn't that right JAKE? Yeah you know JAKE the SNAKE the LORD of LIARS ROTHSCHILD his fingerprints are all over AGENDA 2030 its going to be his lasting legacy the ONE WORLD ORDER where they own and control everything. Isn't there enough evidence to bring on a grand jury to investigate the facts of 9-11 so we can put the wheel in motion and hold these cocksuckers responsible? Give me a break they blow up the trade towers and call the one they built to replace them ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER? And that doesn't tie straight to the UN AGENDA 2030?

    I like Donald Trump he's a great guy but he doesn't work for the American peoples republic he works against it just like all the ASHKENAZI FAKE JEWS do. Their world is all one big fat lie nothing adds up and they can never make it work no matter how many people they slaughter. They are the liars, the thieves, the murderers, the terrorists and the real prophesy says when their mask comes off in public is when the final judgement becomes known. Open your eyes dont take my word for it. They are prepared to commit mass murder on a scale never seen in our lifetime but they cant do shit without the help of those they would also slaughter. Its time to cut the head off the snake so its body will be rendered harmless. Judge them with their own judgement so they cant claim they've been mistreated. Whatever they allow Israel to claim we can claim. So we can arrest the ROTHSCHILD'S wherever we find them seize their assets and detain them indefinitely as enemy combatants. No trial, no rights, we can waterboard them all we want and nobody can say a word about it. We also have the right to seize control of Israel and disarm and dismantle that terrorist regime before we get attacked again like on 9-11. Then the Palestinians can be given the chance to write a Constitution or simply adopt ours and begin to govern their homelands once again.

    If anybody doesn't realize how desperate MR. BIG really is you need to understand what he is capable of because he would rather destroy our planet than be brought to heel. Cain's head has always been fucked up that's what makes him who he is….

    Give it up NAZI surrender now

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