1. I don't think it was feminism for showing a hairy vagina. It's not like guys r showing their dicks and we r saying it's ok but then saying it's not ok for women to do it. It's not a double standard. Society doesn't approve of dick or pussy being posted online so it was pointless and didn't do anything for the rights of women cause men don't have that right either 😂😂

  2. I luv Amber Rose but definitely have to give her a big fat bushy "L" for this one. girls/women look up to her. why is she promoting taking nude photos and posting online?? nothing positive about this Ms. Rose

  3. More power to Amber Rose.♡ If she showed any other part of her body on the cover of a magazine you'd be rating her as a 12. She makes no apologies for her sexuality. Feminism isn't about denying a woman's sexuality, it's about embracing it. That being said, my yoni won't be on display.

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