Visit Portugal – 10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Portugal

Portugal is one of the most popular spots for European travelers. It has great weather, cheap prices and wonderful people. This video covers some of the issues that travelers and tourists face when they visit Portugal. Whether you are having a pastel de belem in Lisbon, drinking Porto wine in Porto or just hitting the beaches all along the Portuguese coasts, a few things may stick out at you.
Filmed in Lisbon, Portugal
Copyright Mark Wolters 2017
Shock #1. You have to pay for the bread and butter on the table.
Shock #2. The Kitchens close between 3pm and 7pm
Shock #3. They CATCH The bull in Portuguese Bull fighting
Shock #4. The Portuguese love to smoke.
Shock #5. The lack of good lower and middle priced hotels. There are great hostels and vacation rentals though.
Shock #6. The Portuguese Concept of Time. Dinner at 8pm means 10pm… or later 🙂 usually
Shock #7. Driving in Portugal is a white knuckle affair, so be safe.
Shock #8. Guys trying to sell you “drugs” in Lisbon
Shock #9. How affordable Portugal is for travelers
Shock #10. How slick the cobblestones can be.

5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Lisbon

5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Portugal

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  1. I wanna give you more shockin'exemples like the monthly(miserable)wage salary payment in comparison with other countries of this f.fair Holy EUrope still fuxking chocked me every time!!! SOCIAL INEQUALITY is tradition,90% of the Population is exploited by the 10% gangsters that share the half of the profits/Werth of the entire national income with their wrote complices in the Power, it's fxcking SHOCKING!!! PT is ruled by the Mafia and nobody give s a F^€k is so F. SHOCKING!

  2. People seem shocked by our hospitality and helpfullness, they seem suspicious about our intention… many times I offer help in directions, amd helped always, but yes, tourists are suspicious… they seemed.shocked as well for all being so tiny and small (doors, houses, showers… ) …. bureaucracy is also shocking in portugal… what else?! Ah, the amount.of coffee shops (aka cafés) and the fresh produce/bakery and cheap, that we almost daily buy. We curse a lot, and yeah we are mini Fittipaldi inside cars. Racism and male concept are still shockingly present, althgouh not to a point to be bottered about it. Yet there is a comum pre jugdement/concept about all type of minorities. From african, chinese, pakistan, brazilian, mixing up all.cultures in the same spot and all coexisting peacefully. Another shock, we love to eat. So we respect.time spent at the table. We easely eat a 3 course meal and speak about food all day.

  3. What is shoking is that they smoke a lot and everywhere, even next to health centers, and that they do try to sell you drugs in many places too. The driving is scary. Despite these huge downsides, I think Portugal is very beautiful and is heaven for food lovers.

  4. Do you really believe you get anything for free in American restaurants? If you do, then I have a bridge to sell you cheap. . . LOL! I have to say that I appreciate that the Portuguese restaurants are honest enough to give you the option to choose what you pay for instead of just sneaking in the charge for the extras on the table!

  5. At least you said 'might' shock you. I was thinking more of violent gangs, slavery or children begging in the streets! What you said sounds much like here in my Australian region, except we have lost human rights, our railways are pulled up for elitist bicycle tracks, and psychopaths prey on people with disabilities and older folks. In Nimbin, one must where a sign saying 'no thanks' to stop being bothered into buying drugs. Mental health problems are also high, and youth are leaving.
    Perhaps many smokers would be not nice – but you said they are segregated. We still get people smoking in the street outside hospitals! I'm glad the bulls are not killed. And yes, we have to pay for buttered bread rolls, gravies etc. it will not be placed on the table though.
    So far, I haven't heard anything seriously bad about Portugal. Only that there is a large portion of people not living as well as the better half, but they still get opportunity for education and public transport. This is a nightmare here. Many people in smaller towns rip off their own older folks.

  6. We spent only 5 days in and around Lisbon in December 2019, we loved the food, the people and the weather was really mild for winter… my wife was really puzzled (more like pissed, ha ha ha…) because most of the women looked great despite eating those delicious pastries right in front of us. 🤣🤣🤣

  7. I hate when I go to my parents boring friends' house only to have a snack at 4pm…and we leave at 9pm after eat dinner 😂 and then if I go to my friends' house only to have a snack I'll leave at 17:30😂😢🤷‍♂️

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