Update on my bf sharing me

Hey all so people really wanted a update on how my first threesome went and here it is. Yesterday it finally happened. I played with my plug a little before going just to get loosened up a bit. My bf had made sure the friend he invited was clean beforehand so it was all bareback. I spent a lot of time on my knees with two cocks in my face which was a dream come true. Daddy had me sit on his lap and his friend stood in front of us and the started taking turns on me. Oh my God it was the most incredible thing. I was reduced to a simple whore. Daddy would fuck me for a bit and then pull out and his friend would go right in. There was also a lot of raceplay involved, ask if you want more details. They both blew their loads in me and completely annihilated my butt lol. The kicker was after it was over my bf must have told another friend he could come over too so as I was getting my thong back on I heard him come in and he pulled his dick out and I knew my job lol. After which I got bent over the kitchen counter and bred again. I literally went to work with my thong soaked in cum and my ass completely sore and used. It was an absolutely mindblowing experience. Thanks to all the helpful tips and support I got from you all.


  1. Sounds incredibly hot. Lucky you for getting your fantasy fulfilled.

    Real curious about the race play bite. Feel free to pm if you’re more comfortable talking that way.

  2. Hot hot time! Sounds like a lot of fun and a good time. It’s fun being a slut bottom from time to time and getting your hole destroyed

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