Unforgettable Moments Caught on Live TV

Top 10 of the most shocking moments in live television that shook the world
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Today, we often take for granted the fact that we can turn on a television or go online and find live news or events being broadcast or streaming from anywhere in the world. Indeed, the improvements in technology and communications over the past decade allow us to basically tune into any newsfeed or follow any breaking event whenever we feel like it. Just 40 years ago, if you wanted the news you often needed to wait for the morning paper or the evening news. Sometimes, breaking events would be broadcast over regularly scheduled programming but, for the most part, the event had already unfolded and viewers were left watching the aftermath.
Of course, even though live television decades ago wasn’t as advanced as it is today, it still managed to provide us with a number of events and stories which continue to be talked about today. Unfortunately, the most shocking moments captured on live television over the past several decades tend to involve tragedy and death such as the 9/11 attacks, Challenger Disaster and Rodney King Riots of 1992. With the internet and social media, the ability to watch shocking events unfold live before our eyes has only improved. This video looks at 10 live events that unfolded before our eyes on live television. These are events or news stories that kept us glued to the screen, unable to look away or believe what we were seeing. If you remember watching any of the following events live, odds are that you remember where you were and what you were doing at the time.

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The Head-butt
Local on Air Murder
Madonna’s VMA Controversy
Assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald
Waco Texas
The Olympian Kiss

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  1. The simple kisses by Madonna and Britney and Aguilera and the 2 team mates shouldnt bother anyone. I thought it was sexy for the 1st one and sweet n kind for the second. But we are good at judging one another n bashing each other's differences. But I've kissed a girl n i liked it lol. It shouldn't be looked at as weird or gross. I'd rather see girls kids n be nice to each other then half the sh… they do to each other cuz we compare, or don't eat to be thinner or overeat cuz we r sad, depressed cuz of bullies… we have enough negative n hate already… having a little extra love in this world would Help..

  2. 9/11 was the most violent and horrific thing I saw on TV I still have that pain in my chest to this day… when 7/7 happened and the November attacks only made it worse

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