1. Double penetration as the bottom. Or being the bottom in a gangbang where there’s like 5+ tops and I’m the only bottom. I keep getting bred load after load. Until my insides are filled with lots of loads. A combination of many guys.

  2. My fantasy is going to a regular professional male masseuse, and have them slowly start to remove my towel and they move their hands down to my ass. I protest, ask if this is standard, they assure me it’s normal. They start focusing on my ass rubbing my cheeks and then slowly moving inward till they get to my anus. I again protest although it feels fantastic, I am assured it’s a normal necessary part of the massage. After that he continues to rub the crack of my ass till he finally puts a finger in. I moan, and tell him it feels amazing. He strokes my back comforting me while the other hand is at my ass. He switches to 2 and then 3 fingers inside me. He pulls away and the. I feel both hands on my ass as he spreads me open and starts licking my asshole. I can only continue moaning, as it just feels so good. Then he stops and I feel something else at my entrance it’s a small dildo, bigger than his combined fingers. And starts slowly fucking me with it, after a few minutes with that he takes it away, and I feel something new, feels much warmer than the dildo, it’s his cock, and he pushes his cock in slowly, till he’s all the way in. And the. He fucks me on the massage table, I’m moaning like a whore having already cum after cock first split me apart.

    That’s my fantasy….I’ve given it some thought ……

  3. My favorite fantasy when it comes to men is of a gay guy who gets off on getting on his knees and servicing my cock as long as I want while I almost completely ignore him and watch TV, play video games, or look at straight porn if I feel like indulging both sides of my bisexuality at once.

    I love the thought of shooting my loads into his mouth while he keeps my dick there, keeps on sucking till I get hard again, and takes another load, and keeps going till my balls are completely drained of cum, moaning from the pleasure of sucking me off and savoring my loads.

  4. I would love it to start with some small talk, nothing special. Then after a little while, we start fondling each other. I notice he is bigger than me, so he coaxes me to suck his cock. I suck him to completion, all while he is slowly loosening up my rear end. From there, he tosses me on the bed and starts to enter my loosened hole slowly. Once he finds himself all the away in, he slowly starts to thrust back and forward, with him leaving the top in at first while thrusting. After I get used to it, he starts pounding me with fast, deep strokes, all while he is kissing me all across my back until he finally cums inside deep. He pulls out and I feel the emptiness left over, and at that point, I beg him to put it back inside me. Luckily he has a high sex drive, so he gets hard as soon as he came, so he gets me in a different position and pounds into me with intense lust, cumming each time, until we find ourselves facing each missionary, finishing it off with one final load inside me while we are making out and we pass out. A long night sleep ensues and he wakes me up with one las pounding before leaving.

    Long, but that is it.

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