Tyga Accused of Cheating on Kylie Jenner With Transgender Model & LEAKED Nude Pic!

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Allegedly is the million dollar word here but according to the rumor, Tyga has been in a relationship with the transgender actress for THREE YEARS behind Kylie’s back.
Mix cheating rumors, scandalous nude photos, and an affair with a transgender actress into a bowl and you’ve got a hot mess. The rumors started to swirl yesterday after blogger B. Scott reported that several emails from an anonymous source had been uncovered detailing Tyga’s involvement with the actress who goes by Mia Isabella who, through a squinted eye, kinda looks like Kylie.
The email said QUOT E – “Transsexual actress Mia Isabella & Rapper TYGA had [an] ongoing relationship for almost 3 years since she moved to LA. She’s down for him has been since he was with Chyna. Allegedly, there was a possible sex tape when she was roommates with a model named Capri [who was once] linked with Charlie Sheen.”
The email goes on to say – “Clearly for her he’s been willing to risk it all having made plans to see each other just a couple weeks ago and never stopping their relationship through a baby mama and alleged girlfriend. They seem to have a lot of love for each other even as she was being courted by a boxer named Jean Pascal she had no interest in.”
In addition to the emails, the blogger claims that screenshots of conversations between Tyga and Mia were also uncovered along with some scandalous nude shots of Tyga’s tyga. However, you won’t find the pics of Tyga’s junk on the blog because his legal team nipped that shiz in the bud, but the same can’t be said for a simple google search. You’ve been warned.
Tyga acknowledged the nightmare on Twitter and insinuated that someone is clearly trying to take him down saying QUOTE – “Smh. The devil is working hard today. Lol”
No word yet on how Kylie feels about the scandal but the whole thing seems a little sketch.
I want to know where these emails came from and how they gained access to all of this supposed “private information.” Someone really needs to get that icloud on lock.
But what do you guys think? Could any of this be true? So many questions to answer so get to it in the comment section below with your theories, don’t forget to subscribe and then click right over here for a rundown of 13 things you may not know about Kylie Jenner. Thanks for watching Clevver News, I’m Ryland Adams and I’ll see you soon.

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  1. Tyga's was cheating on the young bitch probably because her pussy was'nt no good,, and he went 2 where he knew he could find some Good,Good @ 2 that pretty ass transgender woman. ⏳⏳

  2. seen this video lmfao the world is going crazy lol . Their is an agenda/transagenda going on Turning people away from the natural way of life. This lifesyle is evil/wrong simply because of the issues involved in it. A transgender person wants to live happily ever after in a normal world while being abnormal and pushing the world towards seeing their abnormalities as normal.

  3. Lol everybody feels bad for Kylie getting cheated on, But seem to forget that she was once tyga's mistress, while he had a kid a next girl at home Lol ….

    Sips tea

    But that's non of my business

  4. But this whole story sounds dumb I mean if Tyga is allegedly been on a relationship with this transgender model why would he also be with Kylie who is a minor and with it take all that crap that social media has thrown on him and Kylie ?

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