Two Naked Gay Guy Briefs 18: Normal

Lucas and Dean come to a crossroads…

Welcome to our weekly short one scene episodes of Two Naked Gay Guy Briefs. These little vignettes act as a bridge between season one and season two of Two Naked Gay Guys.

Experimental and rough, we hope you enjoy these short intimate stories with your favourite characters.

A new episode is uploaded every Monday.


  1. New to this show and watched it all in one night – love. Dean may be sensitive but he had this coming. He and Lukas are on different pages entirely. While I do hope they can make it work (it's fantastic to see a muscle boy with a boy next door type), Dean needs to suffer through a loss to understand how destructive his behaviour is.

  2. This is good Dean.  Now that you aren't in a relationship with a guy it's just that more likely people won't think you are gay.  The only little niggling issue is now you have a broken heart.

  3. By far the best episode. So many people in the LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 struggle with there identity because of how they see others in the community persevered in the media. So many people struggle with this topic. I love this episode

  4. I hope they will figure it out. Dean is sensitive and struggles with his own identity. He always thinks too much. Lucas is confident and he feels save in his own skin. In my opinion Lucas can help Dean to accept himself. It is not easy for a couple to build a future for themselves but they love each other.

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