1. eviltreemonster
    I love all kinds of people – But, it is just disgusting for men to be kissing other men in the mouth & taking dicks up their asses (shit-holes) it is just nasty…PERIOD..

  2. It's 2018….and thank god TNT….is pressing forward …let us show the region…that we are a foward thinking people…and if god is planning to come to destroy us…It is not certain he is gonna come any sooner.Gay rights is not new…and in many countries. ..where gays do have rights…The society has seen no real shifting or change. People are just left to get on with their lives. We must separate our feelings from the facts.Trinbagonians feel a lot…but have no facts to support their feelings.As for the children of TNT….They will be okay. ..just like all the children living in gay friendly countrie6s. Thank god for social media..and thank him for leading the country ..one step closer to inclusivity. The scripture says (above all God's commandments. .is love..that we love one another).In every family there is a gay person..like in every family there is a caring person. ..or a hasty person…or a well to do person.Its as common and as easy as that. Let us not put too much pepper in the food…For the next guy…cause we ourselves may have to eat.God bless

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