Travel Gay Costa Rica All Questions Answered Must See

We are a full service travel agency. Check us out We get a lot of emails pertaining to gay Costa Rica. So, these are the basic ‘gay’ questions folks ask us- How does Costa Rica treat gay? Is there a gringo gay community in Costa Rica? How are the gay clubs? What about gay for pay? Those questions and many more answered. If you’re gay, coming to Costa Rica, then you need to watch this video.


  1. Me and the wife are not gay but we are LGBT friendly. We are planning to permanently live in Costa Rica come retirement time. We love your videos because you have no fear of any topic. We think your awesome and please keep up the great work. Wife has already contacted your staff for our next CR excursion. Sure you hear this often but we would love to meet you some day. Hard to pass up a free meal and good conversation. "Peace"

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