Tops who only bottom for hung guys… why?

I just left my third hookup with a top looking to bottom for a hung guy. He spent the whole time trying to take only the tip. The other two times, both guys had to tap out after a few minutes.

While I’ve only met three tops that bottomed, I’ve been hit up several times by total tops who’d said, “I’ll bottom for you if you’re hung.”

Why? If you don’t take dick on a regular basis, why not bottom for small guys.


  1. Lol a lot of tops wish they were bottoms (for instance, me.) And obviously the sensation of a small dick feels good (sometimes better), but the visual of a big dick is a turn-on and makes me flip into “hm, maybe I could get fucked tonight” mode.

    I think there’s something irrational in the brain about thinking a big dick will feel better. Idk if they’ve ever proven that women feel an evolutionary inclination towards bigger dicks, but if so it would make sense that gay guys might feel the same thing.

  2. This is why I’m a total bottom. Rather take the dick (even the bigger chaps I can take with ease) than give it. I like big dicks only because I’m a tall bastard.

  3. I believe these “tops” you’re referring to are actually vers tops who also happen to be size queens.

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