1. Omg this cannot be overstated. The majority of us are not porn stars, we cant just take a schlong like they do. They prepare in advance so they don’t have to worry about it!

    And if it’s your thing, if you really want to ram it in, notify us well in advance to we can try to prepare like the pornstars do 😅

  2. I literally just had a top do that to me, now there’s a gaping wound, and I’m still bleeding days later. I had to roll pain pills for the first two days, I’m biting the pain as I sitz soak before and after work, and I’m basically crying and dreading my morning poop!

    So yeah, tops, please don’t do that, lol. The “rough only” or “can’t do gentle” schtick is not appealing. By all means go rough once I’m loosened and open like a flower, but not before!

  3. Vaginas aren’t meant to be rammed into either. While they are self-lubricating/self-loosening, a certain amount of foreplay is required in order to make it so. And ramming in is just generally very unpleasant and rude unless discussed beforehand.

  4. I try to always go slow and easy but unfortunately many bottoms I meet want me to pound hard and fast. Just not my style at all and usually ends up being just a one time thing.

  5. If we talk about it and my bottom is fine with getting rammed, he’s getting rammed. How about: sexual partners should be adults who can communicate?

  6. Have a big dry cock rammed up my arse in one push must be the biggest turn of for me ever.
    I’ve only had one guy do that to me and I punched his lights out.

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