TOP10 Celebrities With The Biggest pen!s 2016

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Our subscribers have asked , we we made the second video dedicated to hollywood celebrities who have the biggest penis. It was an arduous and grueling task that forced us to long hours of measurements.
As you may understand , we can not put the penis pictures here because youtube does not leave , however we put photos easily found on the web, ordered from smallest to largest !
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  1. Stevie j from love in hiphop. He is huge. There was a leak last year. Why you think jos called him beefy cake. Size does matter in some case. How yall think tyga fucc bad bitches, blac chyna. Height doesn't matter to me, some men jus have huge dicks. Stevie j has a monster in his pants

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  4. colin got a tiny dick, look at his sex tape, not only that he can only last 1min 30 seconds in that girls vagina
    pretty well know fact that it is the irish actor liam neeson who is the wielder of the biggest rod in hollywood

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