Top 5 Tips for Gay Travellers in Thailand


Welcome to our top 5 tips for gay travelers in Thailand.

If you want information about feeling comfortable in Thailand, how to have a fun, safe time, what to do if you want to get checked and the best place to find Prep at a great price, join us for a quick overview of what to expect in the land of smiles 🙂
For STD testing, PEP and PreP information check out:

Silom Pulse Clinic

The Red Cross (I’m having trouble linking through the official website so this link shows the address and exact location)

Out favorite pharmacy that sells at a wholesale price is Chula Bhesjai Drug Store

Prep options:
Teno M – Thai generic brand ( we paid about 800 Baht for a 31 day course )
Ricovir M – International generic (I think we paid 900 for a 31 day course )
Truvada – Name brand
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  1. Not all medications you buy in Asia real, just like those brand name clothes etc. The meds could contain anything or nothing. While you have a better chance in BKK be careful. And Yes I am a doctor and I have taught HIV prevention in Thailand.

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