Top 10 Movies In Which The Actors Actually Had Love Act On Screen

Best Top 10 Movies In Which The Actors Actually Had Love Act On Screen

1. Shortbus (2006)

This erotic comedy drama follows the sexual escapades of Americans in New York City. The film was so bold, it showed penetration and male ejaculation.

2. Lie With Me (2005)

A young woman gets involved with a charming man in a sexual affair and leaves little to the imagination.

3. 9 Songs (2004)

The film revolves around the love story of a couple over the span of a year and let’s just say, they shot those love-making scenes no holds barred.

4. Intimacy (2001)

Two strangers have anonymous sex with each other and get involved in a complicated love story in this film. Yeah, you can expect some steamy unsimulated sex scenes.

5. The Brown Bunny (2003)

The film shows the lead actor getting a real blowjob and ejaculating on-screen.

6. Anatomy Of Hell (2004)

Known for his rough sex scenes, porn star Rocco Siffredi lives up to all the hype in this film.

7. Antichrist (2009)
This film isn’t just known for its disturbing content; people also remember it for that one explicit vaginal intercourse scene.

8. Wetlands (2013)
This one’s so gross, it might just make you throw up. Also, there’s one scene of guys masturbating to a pizza.

9. Love (2015)

We don’t know if this qualifies as porn but it’s really ,really explicit and unsimulated. It’s also 3D, just so you know. Damn, why didn’t they release this in India!

10. Gandu (2010)
And, of course, India isn’t too far behind. Let’s just say this film was so bold and explicit, it didn’t get a public screening until 2012!


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