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Tim Gunn On Coming Out As A Gay Man

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TV host and style icon Tim Gunn talks to Larry King about his evolution as a gay man.


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  1. Really people. You need stop worry what people do and worry about your own life. Life has many obstacles in life and gay is one of them. If you don't like something don't do it. If u don't like gay ppl don't have gay sex how hard is that. There r more important things in life then ppl sex life. Maybe u should worry about ur own marriage the everyone else's.

  2. It's not irrational or shameful, being a homosexual. Everyone has sex behind closed doors, even the dogs you called parents. Impossible? Are you stupid? Look at the world around you.
    Btw shit for brains it's rationalizing not rationing. People like you aren't known for their intelligence though.

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