TIFU by not going fully clothed to a hook up.

(so not really today but last weekend) I was doing my usual browsing on Grindr after jacking off for a little bit and getting horny. It was late at night (~11:00) I got messaged by a guy that would host and was looking for right now, so pretty perfect.

He sent me his address (which looked like the address to a regular house) and I drove over. But here’s the thing! My horny mind decided that since it was late/dark I didn’t really need to wear pants since I was just going to take them off and get fucked anyway? So I only wore a hoodie…you *might* see where this is going.

As I got closer to his place I realized the address he sent was indeed to a regular house, but what he didn’t say was that his house was a condo *in the middle of an entire apartment complex.* So what that means was his condo was encompassed by 5-6 apartment buildings whose surroundings were very well lit. And I couldn’t find any decent fucking parking because it was the middle of the night and everyone was home. At this point im shitting bricks because I’m probably going to walk a block half naked to my hookup. And surprisingly I don’t think anyone saw me while I walked to his door.

The hookup went normal, I sucked him off for a bit, he fucked me and came inside me. Now comes the embarrassing part. I left his place and speed walked to my car. But right as I approach my car a woman walking her dog strolls past me. At first she didn’t notice I wasn’t wearing pants, but she did a double take and definitely fucking saw the cum running down the inside of my thigh. Most embarrassing moment of my life, dudes.


  1. Great story man! Gonna ask that you keep stories limited to the sticky post made by auto mod each Sunday.

    Love the walk of shame btw! haha

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