This trick got me banned from selling cars on eBay for life

Rob hosts a radio show in Greenville, SC called “Hot Rods & Happy Hour” but he has worked in the car business all his life. When he got out of high school, he started selling cars on eBay for local dealers but eventually eBay took offense to some of his selling practices.

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  1. Thank You for the wonderful knowledge. The next time I buy a car on ebay that I feel is bidding beyond my buying threshold, I am sending a message to seller: "Hey bud, if you're No1 bidder happens to be your chihuahua, then you could appreciate avoiding the selling fees also. PM me on FB My top dollar on the car is $xx,xxx."

  2. Not condoning what this guy did. In the early days of eBay there was only two ways to sell cars No Reserve and Reserve auctions. Reserve auction got no action so many people put cars up and shill bid them to get the reserve. This was because there wasn't the much need option of buy it now with best offer. We were at an eBay meeting in 2005 and suggested this to eBay and they did it. That made all the difference in the world, and took shill bidding off the table and made for a much more stable platform. 13 years later it is still challenging to deal with the 1 out of 100 customers that is almost impossible to make happy. Think about all the money this guy lost by not being honest.

  3. This guy intrigues me. I shall research him. My goal is to eventually be banned from every major website on the internet. I plan to set a Guinness record for it. If you are interested in helping me, tell me. I'm testing the waters for the possibility of a GoFundMe campaign for my project.

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