1. Wow! I’d like to help get your mind off paperwork for a while! I’d love to lick those big balls and suck on that massive cock! Maybe you could fuck me a while to clear your head of all that paperwork!

  2. That is so fucking hot! You are so naught! I love it when guys take their dick out through their fly, and nowing that you’re doing it to distract yourself from paper work makes it even hotter

  3. Something something about also being tired of dealing with paperwork in my office…oh, yea…very nice cock!

  4. Well fuck… you could come do paperwork at my place, and I can make it a hell of a lot less boring. πŸ˜‰

  5. Would you like a big bodybuilder to swallow that thing down whole?… I’ll make my esophagus it’s new warm home… as is the back of you head to your eyes!!!! I’ll send you to another universe with the way i make you cum intensely stud…. pass out for hours!

  6. Since you work in the medical domain, please tell me you know the foreskin is a useful part of the male body and you are not promoting its removal like I’ve seen other American doctors do it before

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