This Guy Walks Faster Than You Run

Richard Luettchau II, a competitive race walker, can walk a mile in about six minutes and 40 seconds. He shares some tips for picking up the pace. Photo: Jeff Bush for The Wall Street Journal

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  1. I should join this sport because my friends Sprint and I jog abit but mostly just walk because I am too lazy too run.
    When I do run not Sprint I fall face first and when I do Sprint I run out of stamina way too fast for some reason.

  2. I can't wait to read his motivational book! What specific act, sir, were you doing when you found out you were born for this athletic endeavor? What keeps you going when the body says hey fool this isn't natural, and the cool kids mock? When you "hit the wall" can you just step over it? How often you must have had to defy the nay sayers saying "slow down," "Is there a fire?," "Did you just commit a crime!?" Did you just commit a crime? I have to admit I cried a little and found it sad but encouraging how it took you years to realize that your parents weren't ashamed of you, they just sent you to the store to do the shopping cuz you could do it so much faster.

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