These Are 5 of the Best Gay Anime of All Time

Though Japanese animation, or anime, is known for having more queer characters than American television, the representation isn’t always the best. The “boys love” or “yaoi” genre tells stories of men falling in love — but they’re made for straight women, and generally are unrealistic. (Sometimes even physically — protagonists sometimes have what’s known as the “yaoi hole”, a mysterious orifice that acts remarkably like a vagina during heterosexual sex.)

And while there are a lot of queer characters on TV, Japan still has some homophobia to work through. A common yaoi trope is “I’m not gay, I’m just really into this one guy — but I’m otherwise straight, I swear!” Another, more unfortunate trope, is rape. Sometimes the protagonist seeks the company of other men because they were raped as a teen or young adult.


  1. Although I’m happy that Loveless is included at number 2, I can’t help but be disappointed for Ai no Kusabi’s absence on this list.
    That anime is a masterpiece and the two main characters are iconic for their forbidden love.

  2. personally, i don't think that No.6 was gay. they kissed like twice in the entire show, and they didn't even end up together. but i still highly recommend the series, its AMAZING!!!!

  3. When I saw this i immediately watched No.6 it’s a great anime I managed to watch it in less than 5 hours don’t be stupid like me but still watch it I recommend you watch it on it has Dub and Sub
    Free was also a good anime in which I had seen before this video although it does not have ‘gay relationships’ it’s good I recommend it you can also find that on kissanime
    And I won’t forget yuri on ice that one is also good I haven’t seen the other 2 because they just don’t speak to my eye but I’m sure they are great so you should watch them if that suits you~

  4. okay. I just love the fact that you put Free! as the thumbnail and the title intro. I love Free! more than anything in the world but, Free! is not gay. There are people on here and they will literally get triggered and start coming for you. Free! is only about swimming and friendship. it was never gay from the start. we all have best friends. i mean, Free! was meant to be a YAOI anime but due to policies and inappropriate content, it's not. I will tell you one thing tho, I know way more about Free! than you do, that's for sure, and I'm only 12, like, have you even seen Free? Even the people that have seen it and still don't know jack shit about it know this one certain fact, we all know that it's not fucking gay. get it through your head. so…you better check yourself before you wreck yourself because the fangirls will come for you and snatch you, i fucking swear. Well, yeah. have fun getting thrown in a dungeon. although you are right on 0:57, I'll have to agree with you on that

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