The Try Guys Try Not To Die At Sea // Sponsored by The Shallows

The Try Guys are stranded on a raft to discover if they have what it takes to survive the savage seas. Sponsored by The Shallows in theaters June 24th.

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  1. Eugene: Lets cut the orange bouy because thats what the shark thats been circling us for 5 hrs is attracted to! trips and stabs raft

  2. 4:00 pause exactly at the right moment and you can see the other boat literally 10 cm away from them. Also they were the reason why they got those certain angles cuz non of the try guys were really putting there arms far away to get those clips. Btw 3:15 till the end is the best part

  3. i think when the raft popped and there was a shark nearby was when the crew and stuff decided to step in because it could get actually dangerous

  4. Note to self: Never give Eugene a knife when your out in the middle of the ocean fighting for your life he will accidentally stab it and you will sink and get eaten by sharks or something else entirely – Never trust him. He stabbed the lifeboat

  5. Eugene was like a dad to all of them <3 helping Keith when he was sick, and helping Zach piss into the ocean. Even just directing the raft. Protect this cutie at all costs >.<

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