The TRUTH About Sexting: Why Boys Send Dick Pics And Nudes To Girls!

I told you in my last video why a guy wants nudes from you (because he likes you right? Wrong, click the link below) but why do boys always want to send dick pics to US?? Well, I’ll tell you!

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πŸ‘‰ The REAL Reason Boys Ask For Nudes!

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πŸ‘‰ The Do’s And Don’ts of Sending Nudes:

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πŸ‘‰ The Do’s & Dont’s of Flirting on Social Media

πŸ‘‰ 4 Rules For Texting With Boys:

πŸ‘‰ Why He’ll Text You But Not Ask You Out

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  1. you really dont know what you are talking about, my girl asks me for dick pics everyday, and it makes me so fucking happy and tear up when she sends me poems or just reminders how much she loves me, idk some of the stuff you are saying is true for a lot of guys, but not all

  2. I am a boy and I completely understand your point of view, but the only reason we or I would send a dick pick is because we think we will get something in return and even though u think our dick is gross we the feminine parts are atractive and it sounds wierd but it's true but in reality it's cuz we want 100% of u, not just ur personality or ur company, even though I greatly value those things, we also value what u probably hide in public, and I know it sounds really wierd but I just think wemen deserve the truthe

  3. Lastly, girls send vagina pics when their horny too and I gag because I'm like eww what the fuck why would you just randomly send this to me. just like some guys do this some girls do just the same. It's a problem on both sides.

  4. I fall in love with my eyes and my ears. I don't like an a girl that looks like Igor even if she has the best personality. But if shes not hideous and you have an alright personality then your good.

  5. Loved this vid!!! A nice poem would be infinitely better than the dreaded dick-pic.

    Like most women I also find dick pics gross.

    The creepiest one I got was from a guy at work. His pic had a ruler right next to his penis so I could see exactly how long it was fully erect. I don't know what he was thinking, but it wasn't anything to boast about either. It was only 5.75 inches long.

    He sent me a message 15 minutes later begging me not to show it to anyone else and saying that he was so sorry, but I'd already sent it to every single one of my girl friends by that point (what girl wouldn't have!) I think that some of them needed a really good laugh and they sure as hell got one!

    From then on we kept on making jokes at work by measuring various items in the office with a ruler and saying things like "damn, that things smaller than I expected, it doesn't even measure 6 inches!" followed by lots of laughter. It was funny watching him go as red as a beetroot even though we weren't even talking about his junk!

    They need to understand that if they send unsolicited dick-pics then it's open season for girls to send it to all of their girl friends to point and laugh at as well as criticize and judge. Telling them that it's small works amazingly well.

    The dick pic guy left two weeks later probably through embarrassment. Our boss didn't understand what was going on until after the creepy dick-pic guy left. Afterwards we told her and she had a really good laugh and said that it served him right!

  6. As a guy, I never really asked girls for nudes or sent dick pics. I think not knowing up front what she looks like fully nude leaves more to the imagination.

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