The truth about me coming out… *VERY EMOTIONAL*



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  1. You got your beautiful eyes from your dad. You can tell he had a hard time getting out how he felt and your mom kept trying to help. You are so very fortunate to have such a supportive family. Bradlee, your beautiful personality makes people love you no matter what. I am sorry that having to keep things in for so long and living in fear has messed so much up for you. Please take care of yourself, let everyone love you, and I hope you feel better soon. Sing more. You are awesome. xoxo

  2. Bradlee ur AMAZING!!!!!!!!! ur fans love u either way. I love u either way. i feel like we have a lotin common from the depression to the anxiety it's just about different things. Urr grandpa would have been the proudest person on the earth to have a grandchild like u. WE LOVE YOU!!!!!! <3

  3. Watching this I’m trying not to cry while you ask about your grandpa Don because my grandpa died of cancer probably closer to 4 years ago and it’s been recent that I’ve been figuring myself out and the way his personality was I don’t think he would have accepted me and now I’m just a pile of mush and I’m probably going to be crying for awhile because he was like my second dad. If I wasn’t with my mom and dad I was with my grandma and grandpa. I know my grandma won’t accept me because she doesn’t accept my cousin who is bi and I’m pan so it’s super stressful. I greatful for people like you who post things like this, makes us who have yet to transition into this reality and you are awesome. Thank You for being you. If that made any since.

  4. I just subscribed to your channel… You are an amazing person and very funny… But this video really showed me another side of u which are human. You are a source of inspiration and I wish my parents will have the same reaction when u came out…. Cuz im from a country and culture that really against people like us… I cried a lot watching this video…cuz i really am touched… Thx so much for this video… U really give me more strength to stay strong living in an unacceptable society. Stay awesome bradddd😊😊😊😄😄😄 im officially a big fan!!!

  5. Awww, Bradlee's dad is choking up from the getgo just thinking about what Bradlee had to go through on his own without knowing if he could count on his parents. It's weird–I've noticed in so many of these videos that it's the dad who gets emotional even though we're trained to expect moms are the emotional ones. So much of this video is subverting norms that shouldn't be norms. I'm here for it.

  6. Thank you for being so open about it! Thank you for sharing all this! I have close friends who are gay and they struggled for years until they came out, and this video is so inspiring and helpful!

  7. I'm only 7 minutes into this and I already want to cry. Your parents are so supportive and caring. You are very loved and that's awesome. I wish my mom would accept me but I don't see that ever happening cuz I've tried to come out to her I don't know how many times

  8. i really want to come out to my mom has a bisexual and I really don't know how even tho I know she really accept LGBT comutie and I've already come out to my friends, lesening to you and tell us all the srtugel that you've gone and you make me so happy and make me love my self more.❤❤❤😍

  9. If this sounds rude it is NOT IN ANY WAY MEANT TO!
    Gay people and stright people are equal! I love anyone and everyone no matter and I am a born and raised catholic and I still love gay people the most. The ones who think that they arent accepted are the ones who are strongest.

  10. I think it's ok if parents are not ok …for a short time… only because you need to give them time to grieve the loss of the "future" they dreamed for you …like your mom said she "wanted grandbabies" BUT! they should never turn you away. I have a son that I love him and every hair on his head…nothing will ever change that and I hope him and my daughter know that their mom and dad love them no matter what! God i love your parents! Talk about goals!

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