1. Thumbs up to those that were under the age of 17 while watching this in the movie theater ( like myself ) and the scene had your heart pounding out of your chest.
    People can make fun of it now all they want but back then horror movies were still not the norm besides Chucky, Freddy , and Jason's.
    This was different they built up the suspense you didn't expect her to come out of a TV and during most of the movie you don't really know what's going on . So yes it scared the s*** out of me. Especially watching it in a movie theater. 👏👏👏👏👏

  2. I knew how to solve this, im an electronic technician, my solution is this.
    1.) I will open the case of the tv before sadako appears.
    2.) I will remove primary supply and Horizontal output transisitor
    3.) I will also remove the flyback

    4.)I will remove the crt board and the disoconect all the wires from the mainboard and also the capacitors

    But I will not break the tv screen and I will connect a multi tester to the posible output of voltage if sadako appears and I will wait for sadako to appear, if she still appears I will ask her how she do that cause I've disconnected all the important electronics components that are needed to turn the tv on..maybe she is already using advance wireless electricity.

  3. #1: Barely anyone has a VCR anymore.

    #2: Barely anyone has a TV anymore.

    #3: Barely anyone has a landline anymore.

    #4: Don't answer the phone.

    #5: Don't be in your house on the 7th day.

    #6: This is a little child! Just grab your VCR, and fight back!

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