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The Philippines’ Baby Factory: They call it the “baby factory”. At the Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital in the Philippines’ capital, Manila, an infant is born every 12 minutes. Many of the new mothers are teenagers, some just 13.

This devoutly Catholic nation, where abortion is illegal, is the only Asian country where teenage pregnancy has increased in the last two decades.

Authorities say they want to reduce the birth rate, but the fight to make contraception readily available has been plagued by setbacks.

101 East investigates why children are having babies in the Philippines and meets some of the country’s youngest mothers.

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  1. I think the mother there needs to be reached about condoms…

    If you're worried about your daughter using pills because it can give hormonal side effects, just give her a condom…

  2. GrandMa-Filipino DonnaCamT. here.

    According to Genesis 15: 7-14, God told Abram that he and his people where brought out to take possession of a foreign land. At first in a sacrifice Abram fought and drove vulture birds of prey away. But when Abram fell into a deep sleep God revealed a dream vision of terror saying that his descendants will be enslaved as strangers and mistreated in the land. So if we seek God without distraction and endure against the vulture birds of prey like Abram, after four hundred years God will punish them.

    Ayon sa Genesis 15: 7-14, sinabi ng Diyos kay Abram na siya at ang kanyang mga tao kung saan ay naglabas upang kumuha ng isang banyagang lupain. Sa una sa isang sakripisyo ay nakipaglaban si Abram at tinaboy ang mga buwitre na ibon na biktima. Ngunit nang matulog si Abram ng mahimbing na tulog ay nagsiwalat ang Diyos ng isang pangarap na pangitain ng takot na sinasabing ang kanyang mga kaapu-apuhan ay magiging alipin bilang mga hindi kilalang tao at malupit sa lupain. Kaya't kung hahanapin natin ang Diyos nang walang paggambala at magtiis laban sa mga buwitre na ibon na biktima na tulad ni Abram, pagkatapos ng apat na raang taon ay parurusahan sila ng Diyos.

  3. The Philippine government funded a reproductive health program which sells affordable contraception which ive been using since i was 14. I learned about it through research, have I not taken the initiative, I will never know about it. We need more education and to repeal the age of consent up to 18. The population is growing and many become parents before they are ready, therefore, our poverty rates is consistent. I honestly don't know why the Catholic Church still has any bearing to our laws because since the promulgation of our current constitution, the separation of church and state is a clear cut policy

  4. You report something that's not of your consent? I think it should be between the parents and the child, but then again what these men do yes it's sad but I still say it's not the government's business if the girls want to be with those guys

  5. I’m from the Philippines and I remember when I was in high school even when I was in 6th grade, old men were already catcalling me or giving me dirty looks. I was never comfortable walking alone in the streets.

  6. it disgusts me how cases like this aren’t classified as pedophilia in the philippines. it is so disturbing to see that second man ‘caring’ for his baby, when the girl he had the baby with is literally just a child herself.

  7. Listen ladies, if your boyfriend wants you to get pregnant at a young age and without a stable life, it's better to be single than having a partner that forces you to do something that you don't want and can cause further problems

  8. Its hard to comment angrily in english so Im just gonna speak in ilokano.

    haaays! umipabwisit talaga t uutog nga lalakay nga awan la garud trabaho da kayat da lang nga mangiyot iyot. ay apo Pilipinas Pilipinas, kakaasi tayo nu kakastoy t mangmangyari hangang tata

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