The One That Got Away || Gacha life and Piggy || Penny x Sheepy || Story in disc || AU

Penny/Peppa and Sheepy/Susie were perfectly fine at one point till Sheepy found out that Penny liked Pony. Then Sheepy said some not very nice things about Pony and that made her reallyyyyy mad. Then they had a hudge fight which led to the first part of the main part of the song. Then Sheepy gets a call from Penny explaining how mr. p has these potions and she’s gonna take one and if she doesn’t make it she’s wanted to say she loves her. Sheepy try’s to go but her stops her saying liking girls is a sin you can’t love her bla bla bla but her dad stops the mom and tells Sheepy to go. When she gets there it’s to late she’s infected. 4 months later she has an idea the only way for Penny to understand Sheepy is if she’s infected to so she takes the potion mr. p gives her. She goes to Penny singing the song which if you couldn’t see penny’s pupils go from the heart with the diamond in it to a circle which brings back her emotions then they live happily together both of them infected- until piggy 2 comes out then who knows they might be saved and get to live normal lives 🤫


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