The Moment We Knew We Were Gay – Lesbian Couple Erika and Frida

We looked back to the very moment we figured out that we are gay! What about you?
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  1. I wish what happened with you guys would happen to me…bc…I am currently in love with my straight best friend and it hurts like alot….😞 Does anyone have any idea on what I should do..?

  2. I actually found out that i'm bisexual just few weeks ago 😀 i always liked boys but for a very long time i was thinking about sex with girls, not with boys. I was wandering if i'm the only girl thinking like that and don't get me wrong cause those thoughts were there for a really long time. I was confioused at first but then i went to a party where i kissed a girl (that i knew) because i wanted that so bad. And that's how i found out. Also before that i couldn't understand why i can't keep my eyes away from some girls. Like they were hot and usually girls don't give a fuck that but i was always finding myself staring at that girl body

  3. Well.. when I was 10 I was having a sleepover with about 7 of my friends and one girl dared me to kiss my bff. I remember thinking it was amazing , but she thought it was the opposite. Then when I got into secondary school I realised there was really pretty girls and I loved pe because of the changing room!!! But I thought it was normal.
    Then I met my ex girlfriend April and every time I talked to her I got all sweaty and giggly. Last year we were having a conversation and i said that I dont thing I like boys and she replied " me neither.. I love girls" . The next day we were texting and I was like shit I love this girl! we were texting about who we like and trying to give clues about who we like, but after about 30 min I gave in and said I loved her as more than a friend. She didn't text back for 2 hours but when she did she replied "I feel the same way about you ♥♥♥"
    We went out for 3 months but never had our first kiss. We broke up because i was confused about my feelings towards her and another girl.but we're still bffs.

    In addition when I used to watch films like high school musical whenever a boy and girl kissed I used tk always imagine kissing the girl, I never knew why but I hit the age of 13 and relised I was gay

    I am now 15 and came out to my family last year when I was in a relationship with April and they are all okay with it. School friends aren't okay with it as much. But you guys make me happy and feel free to express myself THANKYOU

    BTW I FOLLOW U ON MUSICAL.LY my username is @ amylittlemixfan .

  4. So Im fifteen and I've known that Im bisexual for about a year now, but last friday I was watching a bunch of YouTube videos on things like how you know that you're gay. I started thinking back the past few years and I was like OMG I was soooooo gay back then. How did I not know??? It's weird how it takes so long to figure out your sexuality and then how obvious it seems when you think about it. Love your videos.

  5. Well I always knew I was a lesbian right from when I became romantically conscious/aware at age 12. I mean I couldn't fathom why I had to be attracted to a guy when girls were naturally more attractive, pleasing and desirable. Even till date, I believe that if not for the fact that we are told from when we are kids that love is between a man and a woman, i believe we'd have more lesbians. Imagine if there was no such thing as heteronormativity. Also, if not conception and childbirth, we'd have more lesbians because again, women are just naturally more beautiful and attractive. I am as gay as they come. And I remember the first time a girl kissed me. I almost passed out due to my heart beating so fast.
    But the world has deceived us and made us believe we are naturally attracted to the opposite sex when it's actually just what is instilled in us since we were kids.

    I love you guys and thanks for sharing your stories with us. I'm currently not in a relationship but hopefully I can get one like yours.

    Sorry for me talking too much. Lol.

  6. Just found your channel. I was about 14 or 15… I started having crushes on girls (my friends). I am now 38 with 2 kids (20 & 10). Technically married to a man that have not seen for about a year and I have a crush on 2 straight women. I hate being gay. I really want a girlfriend. And to top it off, I'm a Mormon 😂

  7. I fell in love with the neighbour girl at age 10, but didn't know what gay was at that age ☺ So I didn't come out until I got my 1st gf, although my mom asked me a few times before that 🙄 Loved your stories 😊😘

  8. I always knew I liked girls…I wanted to marry my best friend when we were 4/5. We used to play mums & dads and kiss and hold hands. I always asked why we couldn’t be mums and mums but she didn’t like that so I happily pretended to be “dad” because kisses and hand holding. I also used to spend hours looking at my dads porn mags that he kept in the bathroom (once I even made a collage and took it to school….didn’t go down well). I grew up with all my grans friends being my gay “uncles”. I knew gay men were a thing but with my only exposure being porn I thought women only did that for men. As I grew up I realised I was gay but lived in a small town and my stepdad regularly beat me for nothing and he was a giant homophobe. It was just safer to not be out. At 17 I met Ryan (my soon to be ex husband) and got very confused as I loved him. I spent a lot of time thinking I must be bi. I almost came out 10 years ago but my kids were in school and I was terrified of being the gay mum so I stuffed it down again. I figured I loved Ryan, even if I knew something was missing. But eventually we split for good. Almost 4 years ago I sent a text to my bff saying “I think I’m gay” as soon as I hit send I knew. So followed straight away with a “yup. I’m gay”. I told Ryan who was a huge support. But I was still terrified of what my gayness would do to my kids. The day I sat them down to tell them I was terrified. But none of them gave a shit. Then my eldest put her hand up and announced she was bi. And just over a year ago my twins came out a lesbian (their preferred term). And one of them is also genderqueer. So now I’m very out and it turns out me coming out made it very clear to my kids that being queer is totally ok and our home is a safe place. Now I can’t ever imagine shoving it back down.

  9. Well for me was when i was like 15 years old (then i realized that after i had many suspicious moments) and met a girl and my heart started bumping and sweating and so on i was discovering myself and then i search and ohh i am so gayy indeed…

  10. You guys were one of the first gay you tubers I started watching, you are so happy together and when I was struggling, your videos let me know that liking girls was okay and there was nothing wrong with me!! So thanks 🙂

  11. The first time I had a suspicion was when I watched V for Vendetta, the movie had a lesbian couple in it and something just clicked for me? I instantly felt connected to it. When I fully realized it was Prom last year. I went with my guy friend but he wanted to be more than friends and I just feel so uncomfortable the whole night and anxious because it felt so wrong. He tried to kiss me and I felt like I wanted to throw up. I remember being so upset because I thought there was something wrong with me. Turns out, I was just a lesbian! (Which is a great thing to be—obviously)

  12. I realized when I was young. I started having feelings for my cousins girl friend… Oops. She was also my best friend at the time. We dated for 2 years and I did ask my cousin how he felt about it and he said go ahead. Was 15. You girls are so freaking cute!!! I would love to hang out with you both n do nothing but laugh… Xoxoxo

  13. its awesome your love…glad you love eachother and u are very good for eachother i think! dad mode proud of u two! 🙂 hugs and hugs to otis and all the animals as well!🙃😗😃

  14. I always knew without really knowing at a very young age. Even as a child I remember thinking my Barbie had a more beautiful body than my Ken doll. And girls had such pretty faces. I couldn't imagine myself ever liking men when I grew up I thought when I got older I would eventually like men but it never really happened. A girl in my 6th grade class even told me I was gay because I put pictures of only female celebrities on my binder and most other girls put guys. I didn't have gay intentions (it was like it was just natural) because I didn't really understand that part of myself yet. If I ever saw an obviously gay woman I would be very, very, intrigued by her. My curiosity peaked at the end of 8th grade and searching online I discovered the L word. One word, Shane. Soon after I had my first kiss with a girl and it felt amazing. I never felt that way kissing a guy when I later dated them. Then I had my first girlfriend and I came out to my parents who thought it was a phase. That was in 2009 but now almost 10 years later they know it's definitely not a phase. 🌈😊 And they're okay with that. So since the summer between 8th and 9th grade was definitely when I was figuring it out officially and in 2009 I came out to my parents officially, and then again years later lol

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